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2021, MHS session ends on a high note

A two-day event  was hosted by the Valley of Word, Literature and Art festival at the USI, New Delhi on Military History and Strategy: The war which shaped the subcontinent: Looking back and Ahead!

Over the weekend a marathon of sessions were conducted across the salience of geography, Pakistan: A Garrison State, Bangla National Movement and Liberation War. It also witnessed several book releases including Probal Das Gupta Water Shed 1967: India’s Forgotten Victory over China; Shiv Kunal Verma’s 1965 A Western Sunrise (INDIA’S WAR WITH PAKISTAN), The Book Review by Valley of Words was launched on the first day of the event by Gen. Ian Cardozo. Maroof Raza’s forthcoming book The Contested Lands based on the Indo-China border dispute and the vital role of the  Border Security Force and its significant involvement in Bangladesh, Shri VK Gaur’s book “Yoon Janma Bangladesh” were the centre of discussion.

The sessions detailed the importance of nations going to war and not just the armies. The highlight of the event was how it was  important to reconstitute strategic ideas around a ‘mapless world with global citizens’ rather than a more traditionalistic straightforward approach.

In the specific session on the Bangla National movement & the Liberation War, it was emphasised that a lot more work could be done vis-a-vis west Bengal connectivity with the mainstream dynamics. Furthermore, it was found  important to engage in the long history of what constitutes the identity of the Bengal region. The excellent military strategy and the offensive role of the army, leadership in Pakistan during the 1971 war and effective military intelligence set the tone for a conclusive victory. Army, Navy, Air force, Mukti Bahinis and Mukti Jodhas had set the stage for victory within frames of a broad theaterised command concept. Jointmentship was excellent amongst the three services. Collaborative wars being fought by nations here on will lead to a more effective and optimal outcome.

On the last day, weteran Producer, Director and Film-maker, Shri JP Dutta was felicitated for his sterling contribution to the world of cinema. JP Dutta was presented with a silver marigold lapel and a scroll by General Ian Cardozo and General PJS Pannu.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri JP Dutta said, “Emotions bring history and I transformed emotions into a small tribute to the Indian Army through Border.” He further added, “The Indian Army has not only the arms and ammunition but also character as it’s strength.”

Speaking at the valedictory session of the MHS, Chief of Defense Staff Gen Bipin Rawat reiterated the fact that future wars would be of a very different kind, “Future war would not be like the 1971 Bangaldesh war. It will be one fought with technology, different and difficult in nature  maybe cyber, spacial, one which involves artificial intelligence. A citizen war, not involving troops alone.”

Finally, in the presence of the current and first Chief of Defense Staff of the Indian Armed Forces Gen. Bipin Rawat,  Shri JP Dutta,  Maj. Gen. Ian Cardozo, Lt. Col. Sajjad, Lt. Gen PJS Pannu, USI Director Gen B.K. Sharma and festival director Valley of Words Dr Sanjeev Chopra, the event was brought to a conclusion highlighting once again the importance of the war of 1971 and how political leadership, political aims and military operations all in tandem.