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Lippi Parida

Lippi Parida

Lippi Parida is a New Delhi based author, poet, photographer & artist!

Recipient of the 2018 national award—MAKE IN INDIA—for her excellence in the creative field—-she has been writing short stories, poetry & articles for newspapers & magazines for a long time.. !

Her first book a memoir on her grandfather’s life—AJA’S HOUSE was much appreciated! Her second novel —“IF THE BLUE LOTUS SINGS”—was a take on the unrest in Odisha during the 2015 Nabakalebara ceremony—a one of it’s kind ceremony in the whole world!

This 2017 novel brought her the WOMAN ACHIEVER’S AWARD!

Malaysian odissi dancer Sandhya Manoj—plays the role of a blue lily in the dance drama  KRISHNANUBHUTI—based on the novel—IF THE BLUE LOTUS SINGS!

Putting in two years research on the Jagganath cult of Odisha—-Parida has woven a tale of deceit & deception—-love & passion—revolving around the Blue God!

Temple politics in the 12th century Jagganath Temple, puts age old traditions & culture at stake!

The novel plays out against the backdrop of the 2015 Jagannath Rath yatra held in Puri!

The world today is at the status of it’s people forgetting….their identities & running towards the Modern age!

Lippi Parida too shares her ideological view on the Jagganath temple in her novel—“IF THE BLUE LOTUS SINGS”—writes IJELLH—International journal of Language, Literature & Humanities!

So as the 12th century & the 21st century come together….what does the BLUE LOTUS say…???

Read—“IF THE BLUE LOTUS SINGS”—to find out more!

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