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Alok Bhalla

Alok Bhalla

Alok Bhalla retired as professor of English Literature from Hyderabad and Delhi. He has been Fellow at the Institute of Advance Study, Nantes, Lady Davis Visiting Professor, Hebrew University, Fellow at the Rockefeller Centre, Bellagio, and the Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. As a critic, translator, editor and poet, he has published more than thirty volumes. His recent books include Stories About the Partition of India (4 volumes), Partition Dialogues: Memories of a Lost Home, A Chronicle of the Peacocks (translations of Intizar Husain’s stories), Life and Times of Saadat Hasan Manto, and The Place of Translation in a Literary Habitat, Story is a Vagabond by Intizar Husain (co-edited for Manoa, Univ. of Hawaii Press), translation of Dharamvir Bharati’s play, Andha Yug: The Dark Age (Oxford Uiv. Press and Univ. of Hawaii). His latest book on miniature paintings of the Gita from late 17 th century Mewar is scheduled for publication in September, 2019. He has translated novels, stories, plays, and poems by Bhisham Sahni, K. B. Vaid, Asghar Wajahat, Kunwar Narain etc. He has also has a book of nonsense verse for children (illustrated by Manjula Padmanabhan).

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