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Ashok Khanduri, currently 19 yrs old is pursuing his honors in French from Doon University. He loves to write, read and participate at the local open mics in the city. He has been volunteering and interning for many NGOs and startups

Hardik is currently pursuing BTech in computer science from Graphic Era hill University. Born and brought up in Dehradun, technical and management skills are his forte.Hardik is a born leader and he has always been fond of playing basketball

Currently pursuing BBA from SGRR University, Pragati had been a volunteer at VoW last year, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Her hobbies include reading novels, painting, sketching, dancing. She is friendly, cooperative and an empathetic soul.

Currently pursuing BBA from SGRR University, Ibtisaam has been a part of VoW family since last year. She loves indulging in reading and dancing. Also, she is a big foodie. Affable and phenomenal are two words that describe her

A student of BBA at SGRR university, Viddhi was at VOW Literature festival last year. She is confident, has good PR skills and love to explore. She loves reading, binge watching TV series and getting lost in music.

Pursuing B.A ( Hons.) English from Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun, Meenakshi loves reading novels and poetries. Apart from her love for literature, she is also a practiioner of Calligraphy and painting mainly Warli Art. She loves writing poems and

Pursuing B.A (H)English, from Graphic Era Hill University,Dehradun, Kritika loves reading, painting ,music and loves to be in tune. At times she she indulges in writing poems and and exploring new places and cafes.

Shweta is a second year undergrad student pursuing an Hons. In Mathematics from Doon University. Cheerful, funny and a bibliophile, she likes reading, solving Math problems, learning new languages and listening to music. She loves watching movies or YouTube videos