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Wonder Words

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | Writings for Young Adults

Wonder Words

Author: Rituparna Sarkar
Publisher: Penguin Random House India

Award Category: Writings for Young Adults
About the Book: 

What's the word for . . .?

People in different countries speak different languages-and sometimes these languages have words that are untranslatable into English. Did you know that Japanese has a word for pretending not to be at home when someone rings the doorbell? Or that there's a German word for the weight that you put on because of emotional eating? Or even that there's a Yiddish word for thinking of a witty comeback only when it's too late?

Wonder Words is a gorgeous, illuminating and often hilarious lexicon of unique words from all over the globe. It will open up your world, making you aware of emotions, cultures and practices from far and beyond. Join author-illustrator Rituparna Sarkar in finding the joy of new words in different languages that you always hoped would exist in English!

About the Author: 

Rituparna Sarkar is a graduate of the National Institute of Design in animation film design and an entrepreneur running her own design studio for the last eight years, creating illustrations, designs and films for various brands. She likes colours, colourful people and stories, and creating art by breaking away from all things digital and putting paint to paper. Her biggest strength is bucketloads of optimism on alternate days, and her biggest fear is that the evil Autocorrect will eventually take over Grammarland!
She is currently based in Mumbai, where she heads her own collaborative design studio called Visual Sarkarsm. She lives on Instagram at

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