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Walking Through The Mist

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Translated into English

Walking Through The Mist (Collection of poems by Soumitra Chatterjee from several books of poems)

Full Title: Walking Through The Mist

Author: Soumitra Chatterjee
Publisher: Dhauli Books
Translator: Amitava Nag
Original Language: Bengali

Award Category: Translated into English
About the Book: 

Soumitra Chatterjee is a legend by himself. An actor of international repute, he is also a playwright, a painter and a poet. Written over six decades, Soumitra's poems started getting published since the 1970s and till date there are nearly 20 collection of his Bengali poems totalling nearly 900 in number.
Of these, Amitava Nag, translator, author and film critic, who has been a close friend of Soumitra, translated 60. These translations are the first translations of Soumitra's poetry in the form of an anthology. Immensely soulful these poems are melancholic and they look at the inner expressions of a prolific artist. The book is adorned by a translation of a long interview of him as well as a short memoir about his association with poetry since his childhood days.

About the Author: 

"SOUMITRA CHATTERJEE is an Indian actor of international fame. Debuting in Satyajit Ray's 'Apur Sansar' ('The World of Apu') in 1959, SOUMITRA acted in more than 300 films in six decades, becoming one of India's finest cinema actors ever. In parallel, SOUMITRA wrote, directed and acted in more than twenty plays. A prolific writer of prose SOUMITRA has three collected volumes of prose and close to a thousand published poems in Bengali. A painter as well, SOUMITRA was conferred Dada Shaheb Phalke award, the highest in cinema in India along with a number of international awards including the Legion of Honour from France. 'Walking Through The Mist' is the first anthology of translations of SOUMITRA's poems in English by his close follower and friend Amitava Nag.
SOUMITRA CHATTERJEE was infected with COVID-19 in 2020 and breathed his last on 15 November 2020, leaving an unparalleled legacy of creativity.

AMITAVA NAG (Translator)
"AMITAVA NAG is an independent writer and film critic residing in Kolkata, India. He is one of the founder-members of the film magazine SILHOUETTE and is its current editor. AMITAVA also writes poetry and short fiction in Bengali and English for several magazines both national and international. Till date, AMITAVA has published eleven books, six of which are of cinema. Of the remaining ones, he has a collection of short stories in his vernacular Bengali, and English, each. He has also published an anthology of Bengali poems and two English ones including 'Walking Through the Mist' which is the first English translation of Soumitra Chatterjee's poems.

A graduate in Physics from Presidency College (now University), Kolkata and a Masters in Computer Applications from Jadavpur University, AMITAVA worked in Information Technology for 16 years in companies including Tata Consultancy Services Limited and IBM as a Solution Architect. AMITAVA is currently holding the post of DIRECTOR (Planning & Systems) in the reputed English-medium school in Kolkata, Garden High School.

A cynical film critic by choice, AMITAVA’s nightmares include making a film one day and falling in the same traps as the ones he dismissed. More about AMITAVA’s profile is available in his official website:”

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