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Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Writings for Young Adults


A pertinent book that tells you to wear your shade proudly - Shabana Azmi

Full Title: Unfair

Author: Rasil Ahuja
Publisher: Penguin Random House India

Award Category: Writings for Young Adults
About the Book: 

Life's not always fair . . .
and neither are we

Auditions are on for the seventh grade annual play. Lina sets her heart and sights on the lead role, but the drama teacher seems to think Lina isn't the right shade for the part. All Lina wants is a #FAIRCHANCE to try out for the role. Will narrow-minded Miss Deepa derail Lina's dream?

Meher finds maths far more interesting, and less dramatic, than Macbeth. When her extroverted BFF Lina suddenly becomes distraught and withdrawn, Meher tries to figure out what she may have done wrong, but things just don't seem to add up. Will their friendship fade or will Meher find a solution to this problem and score #FRIENDSHIPGOALS?

About the Author: 

Rasil Kaur Ahuja is a reader, writer and educator living in Bengaluru with her husband and son. An army brat, she lived in Delhi, Udhampur, Ambala, Vadodara, the US and Bhopal--all before the age of twelve. Unfair originates from the author's personal experience with a tube of fairness cream. This is her second book for children. She is also the author of Watcha Gonna Do, Rosie Singh?


I nod, ‘Uh-huh. This year’s play is Romeo and Juliet, right?’

‘Yes, but, do you think you’re best suited for that role?’ Miss Deepa’s brows dip to form a vertical line between them.

I’m not quite sure what she means by ‘best suited’, so I wait for her to explain.

‘What I’m trying to say is that there are plenty of other really good, really meaty roles. For example, the nurse—’

‘No, Miss Deepa,’ I blurt out. ‘I want to try out for Juliet and only Juliet.’

The room is silent for some time. Miss Deepa drums her fingers on the table. She looks up at the ceiling. She takes another sip of the awful-smelling liquid and clears her throat. ‘Right. Sit down, dear.’ Miss Deepa pats a chair near hers. She pulls out a small and shiny packet from her purse. ‘You see, Lina,’ she says, quickly popping the cough drop in her mouth before continuing, ‘Shakespeare makes references to “fair” throughout his play—using it sometimes to mean “kind”. Often, he means “beautiful”. Of course, during Shakespeare’s days, the population of England was also very . . . fair . . . unlike today because of immigration and whatnot. Do you understand?’


‘Right. You see, I’m not so sure . . . so sure you are . . . ah,’ Miss Deepa croaks between coughs. ‘Juliet is a fair maiden, you see.’

Just get to the point!

‘I’m just wondering whether your colouring is . . . fair enough for the part.’

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