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Traditional Recipes for Pregnancy & Motherhood

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | English Non-fiction

Traditional Recipes for Pregnancy & Motherhood

Author: Sonal Chowdhary & Supriya Arun
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

Pregnancy is a transformative stage in a woman’s life. Everything she eats, does or even thinks may have an effect on the development of her baby.

The health and wellbeing of a baby—inside the womb as well as outside—is completely dependent on the mother’s diet. Rich and wholesome food for the mother equals a robust and happy baby. This is where the wisdom from grandma’s kitchen comes in to play. Before you crinkle your nose, did you know that moringa, fenugreek, shatavari and garlic can help to improve lactation, while edible gum/gond and Turkey berry are ingredients that can provide strength to the mother post her delivery? Remember, it worked for your mother and your grandmother, so why not give it a try?

Most new moms-to-be worry about weight gain during pregnancy and to top it, many feel our desi food has too many calories. Traditional Recipes for Pregnancy & Motherhood is an attempt to build a bridge between the traditional and the modern by getting new mothers acquainted with the richness and wisdom of Indian cuisine. Along with detailed information on 6 superfoods that is vital in any pregnant woman’s diet, this book also provides medicinal values of all the major ingredients—most of them rooted in Ayurveda—used in the recipes inside. In addition, it also doles out tips on the much-discussed topic—how to maintain an ideal weight throughout pregnancy and after!

About the Author: 

SONAL CHOWDHARY is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant with specialisation in weight management, sports and clinical nutrition. She is a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach from Centre for Advancement in Cancer Education, Richboro, PA, USA.

SUPRIYA ARUN is a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant certified in clinical, weight management and sports nutrition. She is also certified in Personal Training from American College of Sports Medicine.

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Just as my grandma would advise

A very useful book for expecting and new moms based on traditional Indian recipes. Truly aquaints us with the richness and wisdom of our traditional Indian recipes. Just as my grandma would advise! 🙂

3 years ago
Ramya Sriram

Must Have for the New-Gens

I strongly recommend this books for the New-Generation Mothers who do not have an idea how to balance nutrition during pregnancy with age old traditional recipes with Modern day food habits.
Great gift for everyone and not just new mothers..

3 years ago
Sandhya Kumar

I love cooking with native Indian ingredients and I just loved that this book has brought back to my memory the dishes that I had relished as a kid but had not attempted to cook. The book is not just a guide for pregnant/lactating women but it has some great recipes that benefit individuals of age groups. The pictures are so appetising and instructions crystal-clear. This book should be in your kitchen shelf if you want to stick to healthy cooking during the most important phase of your life!

3 years ago
Latha Ramachandran

To my dear daughter in law

Recipes recorded cover the length and breadth of India and not restricted to a particular area.
Most of the recipes were not recorded till date.
Great effort taken by the authors to get the right measurement.
Innovative idea for bringing the nutritional value of each recipe as well.

3 years ago

Great job done by the duo right from the selection of the topic to presentation.
Traditional recipes which were earlier not recorded are collected from all parts of India.
Each recipe has been carefully tried and presented with measurements .
We find the nutritional value of each recipe which is not very common in other cook books.
It is surprising to learn that this is their first book.
Waiting for more to come ..

3 years ago
Swapna Mhatre

A must to have collection for ladies

Easy to make and power packed food recipes is what this book really is !
This recipe book is not only for the pregnancy or motherhood but this book can be referred by all ladies in all life stages.
I loved everything about the book ! The cover , pictures , recipes and the description with each of them !!

I wish authors great success and waiting for their more creations !!!


3 years ago


Interesting reading and brought to knowledge several ingredients in a different light.

2 years ago
Deepali Vartak

This book provides detailed explanation of science behind choosing every ingredient in our treasure of Indian traditional recipes for pregnant and lactating mothers, in turn successfully achieving its goal of bridging the traditional and the modern. In fact, I believe this book is a good resource for mothers in all phases of life who are curious to discover the wisdom of good old delicious and healthful traditional Indian origin ingredients and recipes. A must read and must implement (recipes are very easy to follow!). Big thank you to the authors for preserving the wealth of traditional recipes in these pages for the mothers of future generations!

2 years ago

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