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The World of Religions

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | English Non-fiction

The World of Religions

Author: Samarpan
Publisher: Niyogi Books

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

Every religion is the product of the spiritual realisations of some of the greatest human minds, the likes of whom rarely walk on this earth. Religion becomes a unifying force when it focuses on the enlightening thoughts preached by these men; however, it tends to become disruptive when it depends on the limited knowledge of ordinary people to interpret them. The World of Religions presents eight major religions of the world and discusses their origin, growth and their impact on society. The chapters reveal the greatness of every religion, all of whom aspire to integrate purity, compassion and peace in everyday life.

About the Author: 

Samarpan is a monk, writer, teacher with several well-known publications to his name, like Tiya: A Parrot’s Journey Home, Param, Junglezen Sheru, and Carving a Sky: A Perspective on Life. His transcribed talks at the university of his organisation on Scriptures in Bengali, are available in book form at, and they cover the entire range of Indian spiritual traditions.

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