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The Very Extremely Most Naughty Asura Tales

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Writings/ Picture Books for Children

The Very Extremely Most Naughty Asura Tales

Yikessssssss! Hide and make way-the mischievous lil' asuras have come out to play!

Full Title: The Very, Extremely, Most Naughty Asura Tales for Kids

Author: Anand Neelakantan
Publisher: Penguin Random House India

Award Category: Writings/ Picture Books for Children
About the Book: 

Aren't we chubby, aren't we cute?
Aren't we lovely, as sweet as fruit?
Give us a bear hug, give us a kiss
Regret not later for giving it a miss.

Don't go by these sweet words-for all little asura kids are naughty and troublesome and always up to something! Little will you know when you land in a muddy puddle or your long hair gets chopped off into a bob. They will prod, pull and tug you till you yell-just like the gods in the heavens, especially Vishnu and Shiva who are simply fed up!

Indulge in some very, extremely, most funny naughty tales of asura twins Kundakka and Mandakka, who hate going to school; clumsy Bhasma and pet pig Nakura, who create trouble in the village; brothers Atapi and Vatapi, who like to eat ninety-six cartfuls of fruits as dessert; the great Bana who claps with his thousand hands and so many more!

About the Author: 

Anand Neelakantan says he is often mistaken for an asura, for he too has curly hair! Anand had enough of the pranks of little asuras who irritated him in his sleep! And so, he decided to give it back to them in this book! When not disturbed by the naughty little devils, he writes many a bestseller, such as: The Rise of Sivagami (Baahubali: Before the Beginning Book 1); Asura: Tale of the Vanquished; Ajaya: Roll of the Dice; Ajaya: Rise of Kali; Vanara: The Legend of Baali, Sugreeva and Tara; and, most recently, Chaturanga (Baahubali: Before the Beginning Book 2).

Anand also devotes his time penning down screenplays for television, such as Siya Ke Ram, Ashoka, Mahabali Hanuman, and columns for The Hindu, Indian Express, the Washington Post and the Sunday Express Magazine. In his free time, Anand, along with his wife, Aparna, kids, Ananya and Abhinav, and trusty sidekick, Jackie the Blackie, battles clumsy and naughty asuras who are always ready with their next mischievous prank!


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