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The Sun of Freedom

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)

The Sun of Freedom

The Sun of Freedom depicts the dramatic struggle between Bhaskararao Bhave, the king of Naragund and the East India Company authorities, who refused to permit him to adopt a son from among his relatives and wanted to annex his kingdom uner the Doctrine of Lapse. Not one to give up, Bhaskararao launched an attack on the British and took them by surprise. Was he able to reclaim his kingdom or did the British retaliate with brute force? To know more read a true story of heroism and bravery.

Full Title: The Sun of Freedom

Author: Dr. Basavaraj Naikar
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications

Award Category: Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)
About the Book: 

The Sun of Freedom depicts the colonial conflict between Bhaskararao Bhave and the authorities of the British East India Company around 1858. A great lover of freedom and self-respect, he never yielded to the pressures of the British Government, but fought his way by mobilizing the opinion of other co-fighters. Though betrayed by his own kinsmen, he never lost his self-confidence, but upheld the ideal of freedom. The novel is easily comparable to Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Manohar Malgonkar’s Distant Drum.

About the Author: 

Dr. Basavaraj Naikar. MA, PhD, DLitt (California)Professor Emeritus and former Professor & Chairman, Department of English Karnatak University, Dharwad (INDIA) is a well-known novelist, short story writer, critic, translator and a bilingual scholar in Kannada and English. His The Thief of Nagarahalli and Other Stories was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Fiction prize for the Best First Book in 2000.His The Rebellious Rani of Belavadi and Other Stories is well received by Indian critics. His The Queen of Kittur, Light in the House, Bird in the Sky, Intrigue at Ikkeri, and A Pontiff of Peacockshire have already received the critical attention and applause of Indian scholars and researchers widely.


Accordingly, Ramaraya got off his palanquin and held the tail of Venka’s woolen blanket. The others also formed a single line. The cowherd walked upon the stone-slab overflowing with water. As they moved, the water swirled around their feet. The camels, horses and palanquin-bearers also walked very carefully. After a quarter of an hour or so, they reached the other bank of the Tungabhadra. They heaved a sigh of relief. They washed their faces, hands and feet and drank a little water just to ease their parched throats. Again, they went to the big mango tree and relaxed for a while. Ramaraya was beaming with a sense of satisfaction. He called the cowherd and asked him,
“Dear brother, I thank you profusely for this help. I want to give you something in gratitude. Tell us, what you want. Do you want
gold or gems?”
“What shall I do with gold or gems, Sarkar? Robbers may come and thrash me to death and take away all of them from me.”
“Do you want a thousand square yards of land?”
“What shall I do with the land, Sarkar? I have neither wife nor children. I don’t want anything.”
“How is that possible brother? I must give you something in gratitude. Otherwise, my conscience will prick me. Please tell me what you want.”
“In that case, Sarkar, do you have the temple of Venkatapati at your place?”
“Yes brother, we have the Temple of Venkatapati at Naragund. We have an establishment of sixty - three employees there.”
“Do you conduct a fair there?”
“Yes brother, we conduct the fair every year in Navaratri. We celebrate it with great pomp and glory.”
“In that case, Sarkar, when you return to your place, please distribute two paise to each one of your temple-servants in my name. That’s all I want from you.”
“Is that all you want, brother?”
“Yes, Sarkar, that is all I want.”
“All right, then. I shall do accordingly.”
Ramaraya thanked the cowherd profusely. Then the entire group of pilgrims continued their journey.

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