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The Outraged

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)

The Outraged

Author: Aditya Sudarshan
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Award Category: Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)
About the Book: 

Set largely amidst the independent film community of Mumbai, Times of Ferment, Book 1 of The Outraged, reveals the conflicts that confront Indian liberals both the hypocritical and those that want to bring about social change in the wake of the right wing's ascent to power. The protagonists include brilliant film-maker and idealist Ahishor Frances, who's attacked because he exposes 'navy baba', a god-man, as a fraud; young actress Maithili Krishna, for whom modern civilization is corrupt and requires dismantling; and the happily unemployed Sasha, full of unusual purity and faith in god, who befriends Ahishor and Versova's 'strugglers', and falls in love with Maithili. What follows when some of these strugglers are galvanized into action by the attack on Ahishor? What drives them to it? What path will Maithili eventually take? Is Sasha's belief in love and god, vindicated? This is a vital story about urbane Indians, the tumults we are going through, and our as yet completely unrealized need for faith.

About the Author: 

Aditya Sudarshan is a novelist. Author of A Nice Quiet Holiday, Show Me A Hero and The Persecution of Madhav Tripathi, he won the Hindu Metroplus Playwright Award in 2011 for his play The Green Room. He has been a scriptwriter for NDTV's political satire, 'The Great Indian Tamasha' and a columnist in The Hindu's Literary Review. His literary criticism and book reviews have been published in various newspapers. He currently lives in Goa and is working on a true crime book.

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