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The Blue Horse and Other Amazing Animals from Indian History

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Writings for Young Adults

The Blue Horse and Other Amazing Animals from Indian History

Author: Nandini Sengupta
Publisher: Hachette India

Award Category: Writings for Young Adults
About the Book: 

It's not just humans who make history, you know.

So move over, chroniclers and historians. For centuries, we've been ignored, forgotten, occasionally footnoted (thanks a lot). It's time we took centre stage.

Strongest allies, faithful friends...we'll even go so far as to say we were the soulmates of great kings and queens, princes and princesses, warriors and administrators. From saving their lives (while putting ours at risk) and leading them to victory in war to being a constant source of joy and love, we've done it all.

Take a tour of Akbar's dazzling court with his favourite cheetah, Samand Manik. Learn about the heroic battle of Haldighati - straight from Chetak's mouth. Find out what Chhatrapati Shivaji was really like - from his dog, Waghya. Full of daring exploits, epic romances and heart-wrenching moments, these underdog (oh calm down, Bucephalus, it's just a term!) stories are unlike anything you've ever read before!

About the Author: 

Nandini Sengupta is a journalist and writer based in Pondicherry. After a chance visit to the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, she became fascinated with ancient India and started reading history for fun. The more she read ancient Indian history, the more it gripped her imagination. Among her publications are two acclaimed historical novels and a picture book for children.

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