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The Arts of Seduction

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | English Non-fiction

The Arts of Seduction

Author: Seema Anand
Publisher: Aleph Book Company

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

The Arts of Seduction is a guide to having great sex in the twenty-first century. It seeks to make what has been largely reduced to an act of instant gratification a rather more pleasurable experience. Drawing inspiration from the Kama Sutra, whose groundbreaking attitudes towards sex remain relevant thousands of years after it was first composed, the book delves into numerous techniques and refinements that elevate sex to an altogether different level—whether it is innovative codes for love messages, the effects of applying perfume to different parts of the body, the many different types of kissing, where and how to massage your lover’s feet or what kind of jewellery to wear during lovemaking.
Accessible, sensuous and full of surprises, The Arts of Seduction will forever change the way you think about love and lovemaking.

About the Author: 

SEEMA ANAND is a London-based mythologist and narrative practitioner. She is an acknowledged authority on the Kama Sutra and lectures on Eastern Erotology, Tantric philosophy, the Mahavidyas, Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita, among other subjects. Her work on the revival and reproduction of oral literature from India is associated with the UNESCO project for Endangered Oral Traditions.

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