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Stories of Courage and Valour


Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Writings for Young Adults

Stories of Courage and Valour

Full Title: Stories of Courage and Valour

Author: Chitra Soundar
Publisher: Harper Collins India

Award Category: Writings for Young Adults
About the Book: 

Stories of Courage and Valour shines a light on famous and little-known heroes of real life. In this collection, you'll meet: Shravan, who worked tirelessly to fulfil his blind parents' wishesRazia Sultana, who bravely defended her kingdomSiddhartha, who gave up his royal life to find contentment and peace for everyone Prahalada, who stood up for his beliefs even in the face of dangerKerttu, who roamed unknown lands in search of her nine lost brothersRostom, who fought bravely for his king and displayed undying loyalty Laurencia, who inspired an entire village to stand up for what was right and many more! From popular Indian legends to tales from across the world, these are stories about extraordinary young men and women who fought for what they believed in, whether it was love, loyalty or fairness.

About the Author: 

Chitra Soundar is an Indian-born British writer, storyteller and author of over 30 children's books. Based in London, UK, Chitra writes picture books, poetry, non-fiction and fiction for children. She often visits schools and libraries across the world to share her love for stories and writing. Find out more at Somayaji studies Communication Design at The National Institute of Design, Vijayawada. She draws to survive, reads for herself, and eats to stay happy. Illustrating for children is her way of giving back the joy she had as a child. She can be found sketching away on the Delhi Metro between work and home.

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