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Second Go

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | English Non-fiction

Second Go

Author: Radhika Sachdev
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

Penned in real time, from the hospital bed while battling for life, on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone’s 4x2 inch keypad, the only device allowed to the patient in her super-sanitized recuperating room, this book follows a hybrid format of medico-psycho thriller, interspersed with SMS chats, transcripts of medical records, and other workings of an addled mind overcome by sickness, yet determined to pull through.
It is a first-hand account of a liver transplant recipient’s journey in India, chronicled from the patient’s perspective in vivid detail as a series of dramatic events unfold in her life, completing the cycle from sickness to health, despair to hope. It also tells the story of a single mom and breadwinner of the family, her strong bonding with her adoptive daughter, and her family and friends’ support.

The author hopes that this book will give courage and direction to other patients whose lives are hanging by a thread, patients awaiting a life-saving cadaveric organ donation.

About the Author: 

Radhika Sachdev is an independent journalist who has held senior editorial positions with leading
news banners – the Times of India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, Financial World, and The
Pioneer. Presently, she runs her own advertising outfit, Write Solutions.

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