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Paper Moon

Nominated | Book Awards 2020 | Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)

Paper Moon

Author: Rehana Munir
Publisher: Harper Collins India

Award Category: Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)
About the Book: 

BOOKS. BOMBAY. ROMANCE. When her estranged father passes away, Fiza, fresh out of college, discovers that he has left her a tidy sum in the hope that she will open a bookshop... Overnight, Fiza's placid life is thrown into a whirl of decor decisions and book-buying sprees, unconventional staff and colourful patrons, small pleasures and little heartbreaks, as the store - Paper Moon - begins to take shape in a charming, old Bandra mansion. To top it all, she is being wooed by Iqbal, a mysterious customer who frequents the shop, and Dhruv, her ex-boyfriend, her feelings for whom are still confused. Can Fiza take charge of her life, reconcile with the past, and reach for everything that is hers?

About the Author: 

Rehana Munir ran a bookshop in Bombay in the mid 2000s, a few years after graduating with top honours in English literature from St. Xavier's College. An independent writer on culture and lifestyle, she has a weekly humour column in HT Brunch, and a cinema column in Arts Illustrated magazine. She is also an occasional copywriter. Rehana lives in Bombay among food-obsessed family and friends. She is a local expert on migraines, 1990s nostalgia and Old Monk.


Be it taking the plunge in the literary world or going abroad, I would definitely want to take a few cues from Fiza’s character and do something spontaneous, move out of my comfort zone and live life a little differently. At the end of the book I had an overwhelming desire for setting up a bookstore of my own. It’s truly a must read for every book lover, especially the ones living in Mumbai.
– Free Press Journal



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