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One Day At A Time

One Day At A Time

Full Title: One Day At A Time: My Tryst With The Big C

Author: Mamta Srivastava
Publisher: Authorspress

About the Book: 

This book is a first person account of my battle with the Big C. Having lost my brother and sister to Cancer, the news that I have Cancer burst upon me like doomsday. I did not have any “fire in the belly” for this fight. A conversation with my son changed all this and I became a “Tiger Fighter”, who would stop at nothing till this battle is won. And since this is a battle that I have fought with all the armoury at my disposal, I do not allow anyone to call me a Cancer Survivor – I am a Cancer Fighter. In this book, I share my initial shock when I was diagnosed, the despair, the treatment, the hopes and the fears. The fight with Cancer does not end once the treatment is over. This treatment alters life in many ways and I share the ups and downs of my life after the treatment. And there are not only sad moments but also moments of joy, of hope. It is these that give a Cancer Fighter the strength to go on. My journey captures these small moments of joy that we often forget in our day-to-day life, till the time life itself becomes uncertain.

Cancer, as a disease, does not strike only a person, it strikes the entire family. With this book, I want to reach out and connect with the millions of people who have fought Cancer or helped a loved one to fight it. I want to salute each of these people and if I am able to touch any lives or give them hope to move on, I will that I have in some way contributed to the Universe that gave me the strength to move on when I was facing this battle.

About the Author: 

Mamta is a Cancer Fighter who has seen the “Big C” at close quarters thrice in her life – when Cancer struck her sister, when it struck her brother and when it struck her. She has feared the Big C, raved and ranted at it, tried to ignore it, given in to it and also fought it. Through this book, she wants to share her journey with the hope that it can soothe at least one furrow, quell at least one anxiety, bring a smile on the face of at least one cancer fighter. She loves travelling, cooking and reading, in that order. She is blessed with a beautiful family. Her husband Rajesh is her rock-solid life support system, the constant shoulder that she leans on. Her son, Varenya, is the light of her life and the force who inspired her to take up this fight with everything she has got. Her mother, Ranjana, is the source of all inspiration, peace, calm and positivity that she can look for. Mamta has a degree in Psychology and Human Resources. She works with Virtusa Corporation as the Director – Learning & Organization Development. Her professional aim is to enhance the organizational leadership capability and make people more aware, happy and productive.

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