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Ocean Rimmed World

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | Translated into English

Ocean Rimmed World ()

Author: R.N Joe D'Cruz
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Translator: G. Geetha
Original Language: Tamil

Award Category: Translated into English
About the Book: 

Redolent of the briny air of the sea and the lore of the seashore, Ocean Rimmed World captures the struggles and changing fortunes of the Parathavars of the Tuticorin coast—a community of seafarers and fisherfolk renowned for their courage, relentless toil, and tempestuous nature. Interspersed with this is the story of three fishermen lost at sea with only a log as their means of survival.

A gripping novel of breathtaking scale and intricate detail, it is at once a celebration of the myriad faces of the sea and an eloquent tribute to the human spirit that is repeatedly battered but never vanquished. A certain melancholy overlies the innate wisdom and grit of the fisherfolk as they contend with the various changes that threaten to wash over them. The mixed dialects of the Parathavars, the myths they live by, and their deep, abiding love for the sea—their mother—makes this novel a truly memorable read.

About the Author: 

R.N. Joe D’Cruz is an award-winning Tamil writer and novelist.

G. Geetha is a freelance translator with a decade of teaching experience behind her.

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