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Living In Light

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)

Living In Light

In December 2019 when in one part of the world, the Pandemic had started to spread its darkness; there were many parts where the Divine light had started to spread. Living in Light is a story of a woman who after having gone through a series of heartaches and struggles finally arrives in a place of Divine light & Wisdom. As the world outside was caught in fear and uncertainties, her world was filled with love and the light of the Divine Masters, whom she now communed with daily in her meditation. They guided her and insisted her to write this book and share with the world her journey of moving from darkness to light.

Full Title: Living In Light: Journey of a soul, moving from darkness to light...

Author: Zankhana Tambi
Publisher: Invincible Publishers

Award Category: Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)
About the Book: 

The book Living in Light will serve as GPS (God's Positioning System) for each and every one of you, to choose light over darkness and begin Living in Light.
"Wisdom of her soul beautifully shared in this book Where it will uplift the lives of many" - Master Pallavi
"For those who want to walk the path keep living in light, close to you." - Ruszbeh N Bharucha

About the Author: 

Zankhana is a simple and cheerful person living in the city of Ahmedabad (India) with her Family.
Living in Light is her first book on Spirituality. It talks about “the way of being” in the most simplest way. The short chapters gently nudges you to expand your horizon on different topics to living a self- realised life.
Being truly deeply and madly in love with God, the Creator, she Meditates upon God each day and shares a wonderful relationship with God.

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