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Keshava: A Magnificent Obsession

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | English Non-fiction

Keshava: A Magnificent Obsession

Author: Bhawana Somayaa
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

Everyone associated with Sri Krishna believes that their relationship with the deity is unique, which explains why every Gopika felt that the Lord was dancing with her at the Maharaas. This is Sri Krishna’s magic and also His power that He becomes the centre of their existence. He has that effect on not just humans but on everything on the planet—both living and

This book is about Sri Krishna's relationship with nature; the Peacock, the Kadamba tree, the Flute, the herbal plant Tulsi, the
Lotus, His cow Kamadhenu, the Conch and the Peepala tree.
All of them believe that Keshava loves them the most, can this be true?

Keshava: A Magnificent Obsession is the story of these special bindings, stories of passion, submission, devotion and of uncontainable desire.

About the Author: 

Bhawana Somaaya has been a journalist for almost 40 years. She is a film critic, columnist, and
author of 14 books and they are a point of reference for students studying cinema at Whistling
Woods, Manipal University, and now JNU, Delhi.
She has served on Advisory Panel of Film Certificate in India and is currently the Entertainment
Editor at 92.7 Big FM Radio channel.
Somaaya’s Krishna: The God who Lived as Man released in 2008. Keshava: A Magnificent Obsession is her
second offering to the deity.
Somaaya was conferred with the Padma Shri in 2017.

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