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Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)


Full Title: JAMBUDVIPA -The Drift of Bodhidharma

Author: Arpit Bharat
Publisher: Invincible Publishers

Award Category: Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)
About the Book: 

The Childhood of Yashodhamman, the warrior prince of the Mallis who rule from Ujjaini, is chiseled and tormented with perpetual exotic visions, perhaps cautioning in advance for something grim and gory awaiting him in the future.
Meanwhile, the unrelenting Hunas have begun their ingress against the distant Gandhara Kingdom once again. Mihirkula, the now outrageous commander of the Hunas, knows that to enslave the deeply fractured JAMBUDVIPA, Gandharan sentinels must be vanquished. But Mihirkula thirsts more than just to rule!
The cultural and spiritual wealth of Jambudvipa shall be uprooted if Huna Mihirkula succeeds, though with Huna curse, rides a mysterious boon.
Stakes are high, and the Mystery School of Global Balance Keepers puts the onus on the enigmatic Bodhidharma to bring back the balance. But, he cannot succeed in this delicate task without Yashodhamman, a young warrior now. Before that, however, Yashodhamman must become more than himself to fulfill his impending destiny.
The fate of the entire JAMBUDVIPA is hinged on the fate of Yashodhamman! Would he really succeed without the true understanding of Love and Wisdom? And would JAMBUDVIPA come together in resisting the imminent collapse, to reclaim and conserve her soul for the evolution of Mankind?
This Debut novel by Arpit Bharat explores JAMBUDVIPA, the land of ancient India and the depths of its ethereal richness, making it a literary feast. The story of JAMBUDVIPA, is a grand epic for love, courage, growth and wisdom, nudging the mankind to move away from a culturally conditioned way of chaotic, cacophonic and exhausting living…to move towards Sanity! all of that woven into an extremely delicate and deliciously complex plot!

About the Author: 

"Arpit Bharat is an Engineer by education, though he remains a freer spirit, mostly absorbed in the world of contemplation and wonder, of many happenings around him. From a relatively young age of about 20-21, he had an inkling, rather a satori, that he must move beyond his own echoes, to get to a state that he later realized was a sort of intelligent-tranquility. Soon, he was about to find himself on a slippery slope. .

As an engineer he had a brighter career ahead, especially after a degree from a premier institution of the country (IIT-R). But to explore that underlying inkling cum satori, he implicitly decided to chalk out a bolder path. Unlike most of his friends, he delayed settling into a patterned life as much as he could, as he found a dumb lifelessness in them. To do so, he conjured risks in his own life, and grew through them. This entire phenomena, took the shape of leaving a settled job, going for deeper exploration of mankind (and himself) through a continued study of almost everything that could be studied, and a simultaneously jolting spiritual transformation that appeared out of the blue!...that in turn, elevated the challenges to the Author's own self image, to an entirely different pedestal.

In retrospect, the realizations were rare, invaluable and eternally significant. The debut novel of the Author, is essentially a beautifully crafted and customized spill-over, of all the above!

The Author, is profoundly interested in establishing a multi-logue with the mankind, through whatever means possible, though he is now preferably settled into the role of a writer, as he believes that creative-writing remains a time tested and powerful means of sharing the deepest truths of existence. "

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