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It’s My Colour

Shortlisted | Book Awards 2021 | Writings/ Picture Books for Children

It’s My Colour

Whose colour is GREEN? asked the little boy. “It’s mine!” preened the parrot. “It’s mine! It’s mine!” babbled the bitter gourd. And GREEN, RED, YELLOW, BLUE…? The little boy goes on… As bright hues jump and dance across the pages in this tussle over who owns which colour, the sun has the last laugh!

Author: Nancy Raj
Publisher: Tulika Publishers

Award Category: Writings/ Picture Books for Children
About the Book: 

Whose colour is RED, YELLOW, BLUE…? The little boy doesn’t stop, and award-winning illustrator Nancy Raj creates for little readers a wild, whimsical world of colours! As bright hues jump and dance across the pages in this little squabble over who owns which colour, it’s the sun who has the last laugh!

About the Author: 

Nancy Raj’s interest in illustration, design and food finds its way into her pictures for children to make them bustle with exuberant energy, delightful detail and wacky humour! 'Mala’s Silver Anklets', 'Hanuman’s Ramayan', 'The Snake and the Frogs' and 'The Village Fair' are some of Tulika’s most popular books, peopled by her quirky characters and rendered in vivid colours. Her zestful illustrations for Tulika’s 'Maharani the Cow' won her the 2018 Hindu Young World–Goodbooks Award.


Whose colour is yellow? asked the boy. "It's mine!" laughed the lorry. "It's ours! It's ours!" laughed the sunflowers. The sun turned to gape at them.

Whose colour is black? asked the boy. "It's mine!" grunted grandpa's umbrella. "It's mine! It's mine!" gloated grandma's wig. The sun turned to smile at them.

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