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Humorously Yours!

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)

Humorously Yours!

‘PG Wodehouse meets Indian Curry’ “One of the sweetest and funniest books I have read” Anirban Bhattacharyya, bestselling author of Dirty Dozen A mistake of elephantine proportions! An arranged marriage mission with an unpredictable twist! A tennis legend to the rescue! Moo shades of characters trapped in a city square! A screwup that leads to the biggest career break! Enter the world of Barkhurdar, the garrulous raconteur of a legendary sports club, based in the heart of the burgeoning Indian city. Let his narration of real-life stories take you to a world where mischief, mistakes and mirth abound in comic glory.

Full Title: Humorously Yours! Tales From The Gymkhana

Author: Amitabh D Sarwate
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications

Award Category: Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)
About the Book: 

Galtee se mistake ho gaya’ of elephantine proportions! An arranged marriage mission with an unpredictable twist! A tennis legend to the rescue! Moo shades of characters trapped in a city square! An overweight genius makes a big splash! A royal clash between two false kings!
Grab a drink, a plate of tikkas and relax in your lounge chair. Let Barkhurdar, legendary raconteur-in-residence of the Deccan Gymkhana Club, regale you with real-life stories that will have you in splits!
Inspired by the P.G. Wodehouse character Mr. Mulliner, Humorously Yours offers a kaleidoscope on our modern life that’s as true as it’s filmy!

About the Author: 

Amitabh D Sarwate is a writer and a poet. The co-author of a management book, a technology and finance blog, Amitabh has contributed numerous articles to newspapers. His short story 'Arranged Marriage' was a finalist in a humorous short story competition held by Penguin, India. He has worked in senior positions at companies like Hewlett Packard, Seagate, Cisco and Twitter, and is also the founder of a technology start-up company. He currently resides in the Bay Area, USA.


“We want an elephant,” shot Mr. Number 2. Over the last couple of
years, he had realized that by speaking first, he could usurp his mildmannered
“Mr. Joshi, let me explain,” said Mr. Pagare. “We both work for the
Aptos Electronics company. Our CEO based in Amsterdam is visiting our
factory in a few weeks, and we want to plan a grand welcome for him. Our
team has unanimously decided that we want to welcome him by having
an elephant garland him on his arrival.”
“What company did you say? Aptos? The one that makes those faulty
transistors?” asked Mr. Joshi in a squeaky voice reminiscent of a transistor
that had fallen upon bad days.
“No, we are from the Bajaj Auto company. Aptos, yes, that’s a terrible
company,” said Mr. Pagare smoothly.
The fact that the CEO of Bajaj Auto would never reside in Amsterdam,
escaped Mr. Joshi’s attention.
“Ah, okay! Yes, so you want an elephant to garland the CEO.
Interesting! Will the CEO come to Peshwe Park so that the elephant can
garland him?”
“Why?” asked Number 2.
“How else will the elephant garland him?”
“Yes, the CEO will come to Peshwe Park,” said Number 2 quickly. He was always very keen on answering the key questions.
Mr. Pagare’s face went red, but somehow, he restrained himself. “Although Mr. Bunten would love to come to Peshwe Park, he is short on time, so we were thinking we will rent one of your elephants for a week and return it after his visit, okay?”
Mr. Joshi looked away. After a long pause, he spoke.
“Okay, we can do that, but it will cost you fifteen thousand rupees a day, the charges for the food and the mahout are extra. Twenty thousand rupees a day, so for a week that will approximately be one and a half lakh rupees.”
“PC Sarkar will be cheaper,” whispered Number 2 in his boss’s ear.
Mr. Pagare ignored his lieutenant. “Done!”
A warm smile appeared on Mr. Joshi’s face.

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