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HINDUISM: Spirituality For Leadership & Success

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | English Non-fiction

HINDUISM: Spirituality For Leadership & Success

Written by the renowned speaker Pranay, who is an expert in Indian and world spirituality, these books carry poignant insights gleaned from timeless spiritual philosophies, on being a sound leader and achieving true fulfilment and success in life. With valuable spiritual lessons and simple practical tips, these books are a collection of the highest teachings and principles to go by in life, especially whilst dealing with a crisis of any kind.

Full Title: HINDUISM: Spirituality For Leadership & Success

Author: Pranay
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

Dating back thousands of years, Hinduism is one of the oldest spiritual paths, and is also the third-largest religion of the world. For millions, it is a way of life. Diverse and multi-layered, Hinduism has always been a rich source of wisdom over the ages. Drawing from this great path and its profound teachings that are especially relevant for current times, the author has presented his original insights that will help people become more effective and powerful leaders. The leadership and success lessons that the author reveals in this empowering and must-have guide are also crucial for improvement of everyday life, for inner peace and fulfilment of the individual, and for spiritual progress and happiness.

About the Author: 

Pranay is a mystic philosopher. He is an expert on Indian and world spirituality. Pranay’s modules on ‘Advanced Spirituality for Leadership and Success’ (PowerTalks/MysticTalks for public and corporate audiences) have won global acclaim. Pranay is also a theatre personality and playwright. His original productions such as From Kabir to Kavi and Soul Stir have been acclaimed by world luminaries for their path-breaking spiritual content. Pranay and his partner Sohini run the socio-cultural philanthropic commune TAS, whose initiatives such as ‘Theatre Against Drugs’ (for addicts), ‘Geetimalya’ (for underprivileged children) and ‘Shohaag’ (for women empowerment) are well-known and have become movements. Presently, Pranay is collating his discourses on mind-body-spirit themes for various book series. Connect with him on his website:


Often leaders get stuck onto ideas, techniques, or methodologies. But truly evolved leaders are very conscious of the fact that they are not to get stuck. Because that’s what destroys and kills not only their own potential to rise, but also the organization’s. This is important at every level—whether one is working in a business unit, in marketing, in sales, in product development, in public life, etc.— the ability to not get caught up in particular ideologies but to rather respond in a very alive manner (depending on whatever situation faces you). This is the key to adaptability.

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