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Girl in White Cotton

Nominated | Book Awards 2020 | Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)

Girl in White Cotton

Full Title: Girl in White Cotton : A Novel

Author: Avni Doshi
Publisher: Harper Collins India

Award Category: Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)
About the Book: 

Antara has never understood her mother Tara's decisions - walking out on her marriage to follow a guru, living on the streets like a beggar, shacking up with an unknown artist, rebelling against society's expectations ... But when Tara starts losing her memory, Antara searches for a way to make peace with their shared past, a past that haunts them both. As she relives her childhood in Pune in the eighties, Catholic boarding school in the hills of Maharashtra, and her years as a young artist in Bombay, Antara comes up against her own fears and neuroses, realizing she might not be so different from Tara after all. Girl in White Cotton is a journey into shifting memories, altering identities and the subjective nature of truth. Tracing the fragile line between familial devotion and deception, Avni Doshi's mesmerizing first novel will surprise and unsettle you.

About the Author: 

Avni Doshi was born in New Jersey. She completed her BA in art history from Barnard College and her MA in the history of art from University College London. Avni has been awarded the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize and a Charles Pick Fellowship. She lives in Dubai.


An impressive first novel about an unconventional mother-daughter relationship.
The Hindu

UAE-based Avni Doshi’s debut novel Girl in White Cotton was released this year to critical acclaim in India. Reviewers noted the economy of the writing, the hard-hitting nature of the plot, as well as its architecture, comprising the haunting themes of identity and co-authorship of memory at the troubled centre of a mother-daughter relationship.

Avni Doshi’s debut novel ‘Girl in White Cotton’ is notable for combining narrative depth with economic writing… It’s an ending that stays with you after you’ve shut the book and gone about life, making you introspect on all the social relationships that matter to you… Like perfect first sentences, Doshi knows how to write the perfect last sentence. Girl in White Cotton is engaging from cover to cover, with each narrative reading so easily it feels like reading someone’s diary. Avni Doshi is a force to watch out for in the literary world.

Indian-origin author Avni Doshi’s debut novel Burnt Sugar – released in India as Girl in White Cotton – has been longlisted for the 2020 Booker prize. The book is about a young woman, Antara, coming to terms with her mother Tara’s memory loss, and trying to make sense of their shared past.
The Wire

The novel is already in the longlist of the Booker Prize 2020. Pitted against literary giants like Hilary Mantel and Anne Tyler, Doshi has tough competition ahead, but her book is being noticed. The Guardian praised it as “an unsettling, sinewy debut, startling in its venom and disarming in its humour.”
Live Mint

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