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Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | English Non-fiction


Author: Kiran Karnik
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Award Category: English Non-fiction
About the Book: 

Will robots rule? Will commuting to the moon for work be routine? Are bionic beings and immortality inevitable?

Evolution addresses these issues as it traces the recent evolution of technology and its impact on daily life, on society and on countries. It looks at how rapidly-advancing technology has affected day-to-day living in areas like health, education, finance and governance. It also elaborates the emerging challenges triggered by technology: cyber security, surveillance, climate change and nuclear war.

Using his wisdom, knowledge and experience in areas ranging from space and atomic energy to information technology, Kiran Karnik generates discussion, spurs dissenting views and triggers further analysis—all originating from different perspectives, thereby helping the country to not only cope with the emerging future, but also to try shape it to the benefit of all.

Rich in its detail and insight, Evolution will take you from nostalgia to an imagined future, narrated through personal anecdotes and experiences.

About the Author: 

Kiran Karnik describes himself as a ‘public un-intellectual’, a non-academic with a strong interest in public policy and strategy. His last job was as President of NASSCOM, the association of India’s IT industry. Now, he spends most of his time with educational and civil society organizations. His career also includes work in atomic energy, two decades in India’s space programme, followed by a decade in ‘meaningful’ television.

Over the last few decades, he has served on many high-level government committees, including the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister and the National Innovation Council.

He has written regularly for various publications and has contributed to, authored and edited many books. His last book, Crooked Minds (Rupa, 2017) was on creating an innovative society.

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