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Emperor Vikramaditya

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)

Emperor Vikramaditya

Love. Family. Home. Chandra has sacrificed it all at the altar of duty. now, he has to choose between duty and justice.

Full Title: Emperor Vikramaditya

Author: Adity Kay
Publisher: Hachette India

Award Category: Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)
About the Book: 

Love. Family. Home. Chandra has sacrificed it all at the altar of duty. now, he has to choose between duty and justice.

India, fourth century CE. Peace reigns in the land of Magadha, under the rule of Emperor Samudragupta. New alliances are made every day, trade and the arts flourish, and Chandra - the young prince - leads his father's horse across the length of Bharatvarsha as a part of the Ashwamedha yagna, cementing the emperor's influence.

The kingdom is at its peak, but Chandra's thoughts are clouded, his heart heavy. As his elder brother, Ramagupta, prepares to take their ageing father's place on the throne, Chandra, bound as he is to obey the future king, wrestles constantly with his brother's decisions - decisions he believes are inimical to the stability of the empire.

And so begins a tale of conflict between two brothers: one drunk on power, buoyed by the unmitigated support of the Pataliputra court, the other a seeming outsider in the palace, who yet commands people's loyalty and love. And when an enemy unlike any before rises to challenge the Guptas' might, Chandra must overcome his demons in order to protect his people and become a king in his own right - he must become Vikramaditya.

About the Author: 

Adity Kay is the author of the bestselling Emperor Chandragupta. She has nurtured a secret love for history all through her years of working as an editor in a magazine, a human resources professional and a management consultant. She has lived in various places in India and has been as much of a border-crosser in her career as a writer, writing editorials, essays, stories for children and books for older readers across genres. Her eclectic reading in history - across non-fiction and fiction - has led to her fascination with the varied possibilities of times past and has also served as an impetus to travel to long-ago worlds, if only through fiction.

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