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Echoes of the Veena

Winner | Book Awards 2019 | Translated into English, Translations

Echoes of the Veena ()

Author: R Chudamani
Publisher: Ratna Sagar
Translator: Prabha Sridevan
Original Language: Tamil

Award Category: Translated into English, Translations
About the Book: 

This collection of eighteen stories in English translation is vintage Chudamani. The stories explore a variety of themes. In the midst of simple, straightforward narration, the master storyteller makes a sharp, ironic comment on social barriers and taboos.

Chudamani understood children, she understood persons with disabilities; she understood men too. But many of her stories centre around the woman with her anxieties in the role of a wife, sister or mother. She tells us: this is how She is, She feels and She lives and struggles. Chudamani does not judge; nor does she say that the woman is perfect.

About the Author: 

R. Chudamani (1931–2010) was a prolific writer in Tamil and English. Sitting in her room, from where she could see a Nagalinga tree, she wrote with empathy about a wide spectrum of issues concerning women, children and men. Though keeping a low profile, she made a niche for herself in the Tamil literary world through her sensitive portrayal of people around her.

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Gita Ramaswamy

Human Condition On A Vivid Canvas
3 years ago

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