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Durand’s Curse

Winner | Book Awards 2018 | English Non-fiction

Durand’s Curse

Written in an inimitable style, Durand’s Curse is the result of deep research. Fascinating details from long-buried archives of history reveal for the first time a tale of intrigue and deceit against Afghanistan.

Full Title: A Line Across the Pathan Heart

Author: Rajiv Dogra
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Award Category: English Non-fiction

Durand's Curse is a haunting tale of the arbitrary ways in which unscrupulous and callous British mercenaries who gave themselves fancy military titles carved up Afghanistan for their own business interests. The curse that was Mortimer Durand has become the medusa of terrorism in today's world. Dogra's book is a work of deft historiography which is essential reading for understanding the rise of Wahhabism in South East Asia.

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