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Death Is My Only Beloved

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)

Death Is My Only Beloved

Author: Laudeep Singh
Publisher: Invincible Publishers

Award Category: Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)
About the Book: 

‘Death is my only beloved’ is a collection of poems on life, death, and everything that comes to pass between life and death. The poems are ‘confessional’ in nature and uncertainty is their hallmark feature. The poems proffer no consolation to the readers who are looking for any sort of comforters to numb their pain. The readers are free to interpret the poems as per their inconvenience.

About the Author: 

Laudeep Singh (born 27th August, 1990) is a bilingual poet and writer from Gurgaon. A PhD dropout, he holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Currently, he is working as a full-time ghostwriter and pursuing M.A. (Philosophy) along with B.Ed. Apart from that, he is a polyglot - can read, write, and speak four different languages: English, Hindi, Urdu, and Spanish. Laudeep believes in living life on the razor’s edge by burning the candle of life at both ends. If he had not been a poet, he would have been a musician or a painter. After the age of 27, every year is a bonus year for him on this Earth.


Who would want to surrender

such a delicate pearl-like heart

oozing with love and blood

to get butchered mercilessly

at the hands of another person

who has known and desired

a different kind of love.

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