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All the lives we never lived

Nominated | Book Awards 2019 | Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)

All the lives we never lived

Author: Anuradha Roy
Publisher: Hachette India

Award Category: Creative Writing in English (Fiction & Poetry)
About the Book: 

War, nationalism, and trees shape lives in unforeseeable ways in this novel about a family and a country struggling with enormous transformations.

'In my childhood, I was known as the boy whose mother had run off with an Englishman' – so begins the story of Myshkin and his mother, Gayatri, who is driven to rebel against tradition and follow her artist’s instinct for freedom.

Freedom of a different kind is in the air across India. The fight against British rule is reaching a critical turn. The Nazis have come to power in Germany. At this point of crisis, two strangers arrive in Gayatri's town, opening up to her the vision of other possible lives.

What took Myshkin's mother from India to Dutch-held Bali in the 1930s, ripping a knife through his comfortingly familiar universe? Excavating the roots of the world in which he was abandoned, Myshkin comes to understand the connections between the anguish at home and a war-torn universe overtaken by patriotism.

Anuradha Roy's deeply moving novel tells the story of men and women trapped in a dangerous era uncannily similar to the present. Its scale is matched by its power as a parable for our times.

About the Author: 

Anuradha Roy won the Economist Crossword Prize for Fiction for her novel The Folded Earth, which was nominated for several other prizes including the Man Asia, the DSC, and the Hindu Literary Award. Her first novel, An Atlas of Impossible Longing, has been widely translated and was named by World Literature Today as one of the sixty essential books on modern India. Sleeping on Jupiter, her third novel, won the DSC Prize for Fiction 2016, was nominated for the Man Booker prize 2016 and featured on the shortlists of various other literary prizes, including the Hindu Prize for Best Fiction 2015, the Tata Book of the Year Award 2015, and the Atta Galatta Bangalore Literature Festival Fiction Prize 2015. Anuradha Roy lives in Ranikhet.

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