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Aditi Adventures: The Antarctic Mission

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Writings for Young Adults

Aditi Adventures: The Antarctic Mission

The environment is at risk! Gobby, the naughty little hobgoblin, is practising his magic and running amuck in Antarctica – turning the white snow black, giving stripes and spots to the penguins, and scrawling pink graffiti on the mountainsides. As Aditi and gang hasten to stop him, they find that the world is warming up dangerously, the snows are melting. Something must be done. But what?

Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Publisher: Tulika Publishers

Award Category: Writings for Young Adults
About the Book: 

Aditi and her friends are sent to Antarctica by the Island Sage to stop the magic tricks of a little hobgoblin. But once there, they see a bigger problem – global warming!

About the Author: 

Suniti Namjoshi has published many books of fables and poetry since her first work of fiction in 1981, the classic 'Feminist Fables'. Her recent books for adults are 'The Fabulous Feminist' and 'Foxy Aesop'. Her children's books include 'Little I', 'Blue and Other Stories', 'The Boy and Dragon Stories' and the 'Aditi' series. She lives and writes and southwest England.


"I don't like being cold," Beautiful Ele the Beautiful Elephant protested. "And I never said I was helpful and kind-hearted. Well, not all the time. And besides, what does it matter if all the Gentoo penguins have reversed their colours? They are mostly black and white anyway. What difference does it make?"

Aditi and Siril the ant looked at her helplessly. Monkeyji continued to meditate and pretended she couldn't hear anything. "But the marine sage - " Aditi began.

"She hasn't ordered us to go. She hasn't said it's an emergency. Her message only says that if we have the time and if it would interest us, would we like to go to Antarctica and sort out what's happening."

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