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Aaieye Insan Banen

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 | Hindi Non-fiction

Aaieye Insan Banen (Being Good)

Full Title: Aaieye Insan Banen

Author: Nanditesh Nilay
Publisher: Kautilya Books
Translator: Nanditesh Nilay
Original Language: English

Award Category: Hindi Non-fiction
About the Book: 

Creativity is an agonizing but exciting process. I have gone through with the same while writing my first book. We all have faced a soul-searching question that who is a good human being? The moment this question is asked whether one is good or not; respondents have their ways of relating to goodness. Why this question? Is it relevant? This book is an attempt to explore the process of change in the behaviour of middle class particularly in India from last few decades. This is viewed in and around the basic needs of a human being, i.e. Food (Roti). Attire (Kapda), Home (Makaan). My observation, expression and narration for the present book revolve around those subtle and gross habits which entered everywhere and became part and parcel of people across and thus, in turn, put human values for the time being in the waiting list.

About the Author: 

Dr. Nanditesh Nilay is a Values & Ethics Propagator, Motivator,
and a Writer. He has been a Doctoral fellow of ICSSR in Gandhian Studies. He is the founder of Training Requirement & New Concept and advisor/consultant to various government and private institutions. He is working on a mission to create a sense
of togetherness and happiness in society. A Master Image builder, he is known for his unique ability to bring massive behavioral change in organisations, institutions and individuals. He believes in Transformation through Realisation.

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