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A Dark Queen Rises: The Burnt Empire Saga: Part Two

Nominated | Book Awards 2021 |

A Dark Queen Rises: The Burnt Empire Saga: Part Two

Author: Ashok Banker
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Award Category: 
About the Book: 

Demon-lord Jarsun wants more than just the Burning Throne. He wants to rule all of Arthaloka. When Aqreen flees with their daughter and heir, seeking refuge in Reygar, the demon-lord’s anger knows no bounds. He wants to punish his wife, and sends his indomitable army of Deadwalkers after them. How do you defeat an army of the dead? For mortals, it is impossible. But Krushita is no mere mortal.

To rule Arthaloka, Jarsun needs more than an heir. He needs allies. Prince Tyrak of Arrgodi is not only an ally, but Jarsun’s protégé and son-in-law. Born of an urrkh father, he believes in nothing but brute force and complete domination, willing even to sacrifice his own parents. With each passing day, as he succumbs to his thirst for power, he becomes more urrkh and less human. Now, only the Demon Slayer, Drishya, can deliver the people from his tyranny.

But Drishya and Krushita are one. Siblings born of Stonefire. And they have a single aim: to kill Jarsun Kru’shan.

About the Author: 

Ashok K. Banker is the internationally acclaimed author of over 60 books that have sold over 3 million copies in 21 languages and 61 countries. His hugely successful Ramayana Series is credited with having launched the genre of English-language mythological retellings and influenced an entire generation of authors. As a journalist, he broke front-page news stories for the Times of India and Outlook. Born in Mumbai, Ashok is of Irish-Portuguese-Sri Lankan-Indian parentage, and lived in India for over 51 years before migrating with his family to the United States, where he now lives. Ashok can be found online at


The Stonefire had spoken.
He stared at the fragment of rock that lay in the center of the large white pentangle. The
altar was five times the normal dimensions—fifty yards on each of its five sides instead of the
normal five yards. The tiny pebble of Stonefire was a mere black dot in the center of the ashcarpetted
ground. The silverwood barrier that formed the five lines of the pentangle provided
further protection to the priests, ministers, nobles and servants who sat on the periphery of the
sacred space.

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