Valley of Words

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Today, this fellowship of family and friends is here to celebrate VoW!

Hon’ble Minister Sh Dharmendra Pradhan ji, and friends of VoW: Sh L S Bajpai, Major Gen Ian Cardozo, Sh Tarun Vijay, Sh DD Mishra, Sh Manoj Parida, Sh Pawanexh Kohli, Ms .Ashali Verma, Ms.Mamta Kiran,Sh Kapil Mehrotra, Ms Rineeta Naik, Ms Yauvanika, Milan Maheshwari, Col DPK Pillay, Sandeep Sudan, Sambit Tripathi,Dharmendra Pandey,Mr.Sushil Ramola, Rohan Talwar, Gautam Chatterjee, Rashmi Chopra, Rohan and Neha Raj.

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This is a select gathering of the key stakeholders and family members of VoW.And we are here to celebrate the launch of the web site of the 2018 edition of VoW, and commence the Registration process for participants: authors, discussants, publishers, volunteers, sponsors, photographers, bloggers. We would like to actively engage with all our stakeholders so that we curate the best, not in terms of numbers, but quality! In fact, because we cannot, and do not wish to compete in numbers, we are curating excellence!

Thank You, Mr Minister

At the outset I would like to thank the Hon’ble Minister for kindly agreeing to host the event at his residence. It shows his commitment and passion for supporting the arts and creative expressions. My brother and I had the occasion to brief him about the festival on a flight to Dehradun, and he was delighted to extend his support. We had wanted him to give the VoW Awards at the Valedictory, which was addressed by Sh Tarun Vijay, but on account of engagements elsewhere this was not possible. However, his support has been invaluable for us, especially his idea about reaching out to schools, and organizing interactive workshops. We hope to extend this further this year.

The salient features of the festival

First and foremost, volunteers and Advisers, many of whom are present here, drive it. From curating the sessions, inviting the speakers, organizing the exhibitions, and reaching out to the sponsors. Everyone puts in the labour of love. The Logistics Team is entirely driven by Stree Shakti, and that’s why we call this team the Best of VoW. After the Minister has launched the website, I would request Rohan to please draw the pointer to this team.

Second:we have four distinct knowledge verticals – and we give equal emphasis to all four.And we are not a celebrity driven festival, which has sessions on literature!

Third:we encourage all genres of expression – and so we have photography, philately, painting,and arts and crafts

Fourth:we also integrate curated walks, classical and folk dances and music in our program : the local gets a global outreach!

Fifth: We promote many young authors through our Forum, the Green Ink, and also encourage school outreach through workshops on subjects ranging from the tradition of Valour to Raga Lores to the story of the stamp.

Sixth: we have a very strict code for and about our sponsors. We do not accept sponsorships for products, which we think, are not ‘healthy’ or ‘ethical ‘, and we are very proud of our continuing association with our Lead sponsors, many of whom are here to support us in our endeavour for the next year

Last, but not the least: Valley of words is integral to the idea of a very special university being established in Dehradun: the UNwH by the Shivalik Hills Foundation Trust , which will encourage the values of lateral thinking and global citizenship. The UNwH will be engaging with universities across the world to curate content, invite speakers and participants, and organize webinars on select issues and readings!

VoW 2018 is going to be special. Our media partners Amar Ujala,The Statesman, TV 100 and Garhwal Post are on board with us right from the beginning – and this will extend our reach manifold – we will have a pan India presence, especially among the youth.

We will also be leveraging the network of The Chopras – and their collaborations with global universities to curate sessions, which are truly global. The British Council Division and the Australian High Commission have shown aninterest. All our partners – from the USI to the IMI, Himmothan, SDFU and the Doon Library have been more than forthcoming in their support. I would take this opportunity to thank all the partners and sponsors of the last year.

Thank You

The presence of our sponsors and partners on this occasion is of very special significance to us.ONGC was our prime sponsor, and we are confident of continuing our relationship with them. We are delighted that both Blue Star and GAIL are here with us to mark this occasion. Although Vodafone could not attend, they have extended their support. Reliance Insurance is also here with us. We have also received encouragement from ITC ‘s Sangeet Research Academy,Kolkata and we are happy to be festival, which attracts value, adds value and appreciates and encourages excellence.

And last but not the least. The mentors, the advisers, the volunteers, the authors, the schools, the logistics team, the secretariat (Rohan and Neha Raj), friends: Col DPK Pillay, Ashutosh and Sandeep who co –ordinated everything at New Delhi – from invites to food packets for those who took the journey by train! A very big thank you!

VOW 2018

The second edition of Valley of Words is scheduled for 23-25 November, 2018. We look forward in welcoming you for 3 days of joyous celebration.


The Shivalik Hills Foundation Trust Second Floor, Santosh Tower, Saharanpur Road, Mazara, Dehradun 248001. Uttarakhand, INDIA