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Towards Success – Roohi Soni

Towards Success – Roohi Soni

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Towards Success – Roohi Soni

Tanya Singh


Your book is inspirational, and is really motivational for people of all ages in the world today. What are the things that you do, to keep yourself mentally fit, and to be able to inspire so many others?

Before writing this book, I worked on my mind, my thought process. I started spending time with myself, analysing what are my requirements and what things are important for me in life. As a female, that too of Indian Society, I always think myself to be trapped in different circumstances. I start spending time with myself, analysing my priorities and visualising the things I want to be in my life. Before I started writing this book, I underwent many changes, I dropped all the negativity and started working towards the positive things of my life. Now I have fewer thoughts, that are positive ones. I meditate for few minutes daily, for few times, sometimes more times, whenever I feel like and want to regularise my thoughts and mind. 


What was the process of writing like for you? Was it cathartic as well? Towards Success also has exercises to help their readers on their journey, which is an added bonus to the book! Why did you think it important to include this element in your writing?

It was really a great experience. During the process of writing I learnt many things, as these were coming out of me i.e. my mind and my life experiences. The true happenings of my life, the events that inspired me and the moments those made me despair affected me a lot. All of my emotions worked together to form an inspirational and motivational piece of work. Yes, it was cathartic, as I felt the presence of invisible force, that led me to jot down everything that I felt and experienced throughout my life. Writing gives me pleasure, inspires and motivates me to go through the toughest situations with very peaceful bent of mind. The exercises included in the book are to make the words of ‘Towards Success’ practical. While solving these exercises I feel that readers get engaged into it and engross their mind in the various chapters of the book. 


How long did it take you to write this book, and how did you conceptualise the idea for it?

It took almost six to eight months to write this book. To be very honest initially, I used to write it with a pen and paper, then I had to type it on my laptop so it took double time to complete it. After the completion of my previous assignment of my job, I thought of working on my mind and to follow my passion of writing. Even very small incidents affect my mind and life, so I thought of writing my experiences in the shape of a book. 


What has been the most challenging aspect of writing, publishing this book? And who are the people in your life who have supported you in this journey?

It’s a long journey, rather a very tedious journey, you can say, I never knew how to get it published, I was not aware of the system of the publication. So per-chance I got a very good publisher who took all the responsibility from editing to publication. My family, i.e. my husband, daughter and son supported me a lot in this journey as the time that was exclusively theirs, a portion of it was stolen and given to my book. 


Who are your favourite authors, or books that have inspired you in the past? Our readers would love a list of recommended reads from you.

People who have inspired me in the past are: M. Scott Peck, Benjamin Franklin, Adam Smith                                     

Few books those left a great impact on my mind:-                                           

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, The Road Less Traveled  by M. Scott Peck, How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life by Russ Roberts, and The Wings of Fire by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


When could your readers expect another novel from you? Is there anything that you are working on currently?

I am working on another piece of literature, it may be completed in October or November. Yes, I am working on another book currently untitled, but the basic idea is parenting.

About the Interviewee:

Roohi Soni hails from Chandigarh. She happens to be an advocate. Her initial education was from Chandigarh and the remaining from the different parts of Punjab due to the transferable job of her father. She has done her graduation from MCMDAV College, Chandigarh, her post graduation is from the Government College, Hoshiarpur, Punjab and Law Graduation from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab. She has done various private and public assignments. She worked as a teacher, coordinator, principal remained Court Auctioneer, President (Judge) District Consumer Forum. Presently practicing at Punjab and Haryana High Court as an advocate and she is also a motivational speaker and counselor. She has deep inclination for the matters regarding self help and self growth. Her book ‘Towards Success’ is transformation of soul, a journey towards success.