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Tarvinder Kaur

Tarvinder Kaur

Tarvinder Kaur

What inspired you to take up poetry? How would you define the art?

Our lives are a journey of emotions. It’s also a journey of various experiences and incidents, some good and some not so great. Nevertheless every experience leaves a memory behind. Some make us and some break our hearts. And poetry is one of the best ways to express those emotions that we felt, as life offered to us.

I have been an avid reader of some of the oldest and most powerful poets, who left a rich heritage for generations to learn from. For instance , Mirza Ghalib, Amir Qazalbash, Sahir Ludhianvi, Shiv Batalvi…to name a few, who inspired me greatly, in my journey. You could feel the poet’s heart as you read them even today. They are so powerful that even today the younger generations are creating beautiful compositions on them.
Art is a medium of connecting oneself with one’s own identity; it is a very strong and an expressive medium to say so much in a very subtle way so as to reach the masses.

You are also an entrepreneur. Does it help you in your literary endeavours?

I am a poetess at heart but my education had to be put to use too: So on a lighter note, thought of becoming an entrepreneur…ha-ha.
No but honestly, I love being an entrepreneur too, and have a good clientele with a successful history, and am a workaholic too. Once back home and enjoying my own space from work, I pen down my emotions and connect with my inner being as I write.

It works both ways- being an entrepreneur and a poetess; sometimes the paucity of time creates a long gap in my writing and at other times while at work, a large number of people add to my experiences and augment the flavor of my poetry.

Please tell us about the conceptualization of ‘Ehsaas-e- Mehek’.

Conceptualization is pretty recent; since everyone saw the potential I have and was encouraging me to put my thoughts together. I am thankful to God that everything fell into place so beautifully. Thus was born the idea of collating all the emotions of my journey till date and putting it in a form of a book. The ‘ehsaas’ which we as humans go through, our journeys are very similar to one another. The book came to be named as” Ehsaas- e- Mehak”.

Please share with us the publishing process. Is poetry being encouraged by publishers?

Well to begin with, though in the olden days poetry was really encouraged, but ironically after the poets passed away, we generally do not value things or people of value when they are with us, but only realize the potential after they are gone.

Poetry is a bit ‘slow’ in nature, with less commercial value. And publishers are generally skeptical about publishing such kind of work if they find saleability might be less.

So initially I didn’t find publishers too excited about a poetry book, but fortunately Panini Publishers didn’t waste time in signing me with them.

What is the most encouraging development you’ve witnessed in contemporary poetry?

As I shared earlier, younger generation is waking up to poetry more than the senior crowd. You see there comes a time, when everything you hear sounds the same. Now is the time. Every new composition or write up are looking and sounding similar. So the newer generation is getting bored and wants to come up with something fresh and new. After all, originals are always respected and appreciated. The unwritten laws of writing poetry by our contemporary poets are getting changed . This generation uses simpler words so as to connect with masses easily and instantly.

There are a few which are really nice:

I love the personification of moon in one Nada Fazli Ghazal, “Khol ke khidki chand hasa, phir chand ne dono haathon se rang udaae phool khilaaye chidhiyon ko azaad kiya”

I love the methodology adapted by Gulzar in a famous song, …The objects getting related to our thoughts…, Gulzar saying “Chadi re chadi kaise galey mai padi” “Paaun ki bedi kabhi lagey hathkadi” …


About the Interviewee:

Born in 1964, but still a little child inside, Tarvinder Kaur wears her honesty on her sleeve as she pours her heart out in her books. A Poetess , a successful entrepreneur, a company that takes care of quite a few upmarket professional websites, our effervescent vivacious Tarvinder, credits her fearless nature to her father, who happened to be in the air force. Being an accomplished content writer, she has had a successful career in the corporate sector for about 20 years . She has been writing poems for a long time and has recently been published. She goes by the pen name Aashriya. She is an avid traveler and a dreamer who works to make her dreams come true.