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Sanil Sachar

Sanil Sachar

Sanil Sachar

Entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and movie producer. What do you have to say to millennials who perhaps would love to make the kind of choices like you made?

Make them. If the decisions you take come from a need to do them and not just a want, don’t overcomplicate the issue by constantly reevaluating and take the plunge! Most importantly, we’re all going to take some decision, one way or the other. The point is to own the position we put ourselves in due to the decisions we take. Once you’re there, even if it is for a short while, give it a 100% and you’ll realise that ‘short while’ will keep extending with each punch of passion filled adrenaline in you.

‘Summer Promises’ and ‘The Dark Side of Light’ were received well by the readers. Is there pressure on writers to keep raising the bar?

I would be lying if I said ‘no’. The pressure, however, is never from the outside world or your readers. It’s internal and it’s hypothetical. Writers are strange beings, as we choose to write fearlessly but while in the act, we fear if each word we don’t edit, should stay or not. I think it’s important for us to remember that no book will ever be the same, which makes the pressure, a counter-produtive act to create freely.

Please take us through the inception of ‘Rebound’.

Rebound was rewritten a few too many times for it to be pages that is now a book; simply because to mask a true story, you need to add suitable elements of fiction, in order to keep the truth (and hide some of it). The element of the circus and schizophrenia are too phenonmena’s we know very little about and bridging them together through a love story was a challenge and a fun one!

Do you get time to read in your already busy schedule? Any recommendations for our readers?

Literally any Mitch Albom book is a must read! (I’ve said this in the past and several times and I stand by it each time – he paints with his words!) Currently I am reading ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ by Mark Manson. I’d suggest everyone to read this, even if it is just a chapter from the book due to the reality portrayed in it. Reading is a must do for anyone and everyone, be it a book, chapter or a paragraph, a day, it’s the most natural form of therapy.

Our society does not have much awareness about Schizophrenia or for that matter mental diseases. Why do we run away from such grave issues?

We shy away from what we don’t know and some people believe what they don’t know doesn’t exist. Both these ideologies stem from the fear of the unknown. The real fear is that everything we hide from will come infront of us one day, directly or indirectly. It is for these times, we need to be prepared.

Why does poetry fascinate you?

You can script a lifetime within a verse or capture merely a second in a stanza. Poetry provides room for perspective, an attribute that propels wellbeing. It doesn’t fascinate me as much as it is a need.

What is your opinion on the slew of literature festivals cropping up in the country?

For some literature festivals is a celebration of an immortal artform. For others it is to create awareness of an art mildly threatened by screen content. For me – the more, the merrier because each festival I’ve been to just like books, has its own life and story. I think, as authors, we need to encourage such contributors in any way we can. A literature festival is for the readers, before it is dedicated to anyone else.



About the Interviewee: Sanil Sachar is an entrepreneur, a movie producer and a motivational speaker. His books—Summer Promises and The Dark Side of Light—received widespread acclaim at various literary festivals in India and were reviewed extensively by leading newspapers and magazines.