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Rishabh Puri

Rishabh Puri

Rishabh Puri

It has been a tough journey for you which is quite evident in your book. What kept you going?

The journey is still difficult, and success is uncertain. There are so many things in this life that have been such a gift to me. This writing career, for example, is something of pure delight to me. It is peace when my mind is troubled, and joy when my path seems dark. When surrounded by so many gifts, if you choose to see the light and fight your way towards it, you find that darkness is truly immaterial in comparison to the joys of this world. Today I am tired and in pain, even as I write this to you. So I plan to make an escape after this interview and go live in a world of characters and dreams, and to feel the love there. Then I’’ll spend time with my beloved family and surround myself in their glow. There is so much healing in fellowship, in creation, in being together. These books are a product of my seeking out that healing.

You are also an accomplished entrepreneur. How do you manage your writing routine?

There’s no secret to having a writing routine. When I was putting off writing, which I did for a while, one of my excuses was that I just hadn’’t found the right writing routine. I read about people who wake before the sun just to write down some pages in the morning, people who carve out their lunch breaks, people who store up their thoughts until they have enough vacation days then write like a madman until their draft is complete. None of that was me. Once I let the passion for writing drive me, once I made the decision that I was a writer without a schedule or a plan, the novel came together. Sometimes in five-minute increments as a reward for accomplishing other work.

Please share your favourite feedbacks for either of your novels.

I can’’t pick a favourite review, even though I do read them, obsessively even. Negative ones don’t really get me down. I’ have never thought I was an author for everyone, and I don’t plan to think that now. But the chance to even have my work read by the world is so fascinating to me, and every time someone says they fell in love with my writing style or felt pain and inspiration and fascination with one of my characters, I can’t help but smile, because I am so fond of and so proud of my characters.

Your second novel ‘Flying Without Wings’ was introduced by Ravinder Singh. Did you manage to pick his brains about how to crack the code of writing romance?

I think we had similar backgrounds in his decision to turn from being an author by chance to an author by choice. I was honoured by what he saw in me: we both had love stories within us and he helped me bring mine to the world. We both wrote from a very real place of pain and turned that pain into something beautiful through the craft of writing. Working through the edits together could have been a tense experience because I am so protective of this story– it has so many elements of my own heart in it, why wouldn’’t I be? But he was able to engage and really add to the story even more than I could have done alone.

‘Inside the heart of hope’ is autobiographical. Was it easier to maintain flow due to the emotional connection?

Having just finished the first draft of my fifth novel (wow!), I can say for certain that every book I write is autobiographical in some way. With Inside the Heart of Hope, that novel was definitely the most autobiographical, and as I’ve grown as a writer, I’ve been able to step outside of my own world and into more compelling and convincing works of fiction. I’ve even started writing from the POV of a woman upon occasions, which was a fascinating trip through the female mind. I hope I did it right. But even if I’m just pulling from my own experiences of love and family, there’s something in each novel that rings true for me. All fiction has to live on some sort of foundation of truth– otherwise, how would people connect to their own truths within your work?

About the Interviewee: Rishabh Puri is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with a flair for writing. Contributing to his family business since the age of 18, he makes his home in Lagos, Nigeria and Dubai, UAE. He has previously authored the bestselling novel Inside the Heart of Hope.