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Partho Bose

Partho Bose

Partho Bose

Please tell us a bit about David Bowman and how the character evolves during the course of the novel (No Spoilers of course!)

David Bowman is an everyday man who runs his business efficiently and is a hard core family person, fully devoted to those he calls his own. He is very protective towards his loved ones and people close to him. He is ambitious but rightful in his approach. In tough situations he becomes mentally stronger. His approach towards problem solving is very logical which helps him to solve the complications he finds himself in.
The character of David Bowman is taken from people in everyday life. He reflects how people with strong willpower can overcome all kinds of difficulties. Hence every reader can relate to him very easily and thus he is such a loveable character.

You have written in a niche genre. How did you gravitate towards it?

While deciding to pen down my first novel I very consciously thought of writing this particular plot. Since this genre is a well established one, I wanted to be a little different in my approach towards the thriller.

Do you feel that ‘thriller’ as a genre could become more popular with a lot of Indian and International content concentrating on the same?

There is a lot of scope in this genre as every author brings in his or her perspective and twist to the storytelling which makes thrillers an interesting read.

Have any of your characters haunted you well after you are done with the novel?

Jane has haunted me a lot even during the time I was writing the novel. I feel as if she had a lot of bundled up emotion which was waiting to ooze out but couldn’’t due to the circumstances.
A lot remains unsaid behind her lovely intelligent face and those beautiful eyes.

What are your favourite thriller novels? Please suggest some good-reads for our readers.

I am an ardent fan of Jeffery Archer and love his style of writing. I would encourage the readers to read Kane and Able, The Fourth Estate, Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less

About the Interviewee:

Partho Bose was born and raised in New Delhi and is a management graduate. He has been an advertising professional and professor. He has been part of many successful campaigns in his lifetime. Partho’'s favourite past time is reading thriller novels. He thinks himself to be the best example of an armchair adventurer though his favourite outing to unwind himself is in visiting wild life sanctuaries. He has travelled the length and breadth of the country to experience the flora and fauna of every region.This inspired him to take a plunge in writing. Dreams Implant is his first serious effort in novel writing.