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Nivedita Verdula

Nivedita Verdula

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Nivedita Verdula

You have a career in technology by day, which is unrelated to writing. What gravitated you towards writing?

I believe it came as a blessing in disguise, in which I could only partake when I became a mother. Working for software companies for seven years, I never got time to sit down, think and write. However, when I got pregnant, I had to quit my job. I disliked the idea of being idle. I wanted to work and do something, even if it were part time. So I did an internship as a content writer for 8 months; but every time I wrote something I always liked the creative side of it better. So then I switched to story writing.

You are a parent. How do you find time for writing which requires a lot of solo time?

There was absolutely no fixed work schedule with my baby around – I never knew what time I could go to sleep or get up, but I tried to write as much as possible when I had any free time. The passion for writing helped me cut off television time, mid noon naps, outings and any other form of distraction. While everyone played, roamed or watched a movie at home, I preferred writing.

Please take us through the inception of ‘Two Angels’.

When I was in class 12, one of my favourite uncle met with a major accident and went into coma. While he was in coma, he didn’t respond to anything; only when his wife, my aunt called him once, he opened his eyes as if his heart responded to her call. He didn’t survive, but this has remained in my heart as a symbol of true love. Once when I was sitting idle, it occurred to me what if aunt had already passed away, what would have happened to uncle then? I didn’t know what I was doing, I just wrote the scene. I felt it literary before my eyes and I cried as I re-lived it. The pain was too much! Then I felt that I should write more about this incident and that’s how ‘Two Angels’ happened.

What is your writing routine? Is there a specific place you love writing in?

I usually write when my baby goes to sleep and there is no one to disturb me. I write mostly at home, sitting on my computer table, but I plan to experiment with writing places once my baby goes to school.

How has the feedback been to the book? Any favourite feedback from a reader?

‘Two Angels’ has touched many hearts, simply because it is a story based on a beautiful message, i.e., to find happiness in someone else’s smile. The best feedback I received was from the doctor who delivered my baby. He is more than 70 years old and has quite a lot patients visiting him everyday. When I gave him the book to read, he called me back, within a week’s time and said, ‘I loved your book so much, I cancelled going to a wedding to finish it,’ as well as, ‘ the story reminds me of my friend who ran away from her wedding because she didn’t wish to marry the boy.’ There are many such feedbacks, which give me inspiration to write, but this is closest to my heart, coming from a person who does not have time to read novels.
What does the future hold for your readers? Are you going to resist being pigeonholed and experiment with genres.
I will be releasing two ebooks, a novella and a novel this year. I hope my readers like them as much as they did ‘Two Angels’. At present, I am into writing Romances. But soon I will be trying my hands on other genres too.

What were your favourite reads from last year? Any recommendations for our readers.

I believe in simplicity and my favourite authors are Sudha Murthy and John Green. They tell so much in their simple words, that I get glued reading their books.


About the Interviewee: Nivedita is a Software Engineer by profession. She discovered her passion for writing after she became a mother. Words and love started pouring out of her heart and she put them into stories. Her stories reflect her strong belief in love, faith and the power of the mind. When she is not writing, she plays around with her kid and taps her foot listening to dance numbers. You can find her blogs at