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Navin Ruben_Lost Arcanum

Navin Ruben_Lost Arcanum

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Navin Ruben_Lost Arcanum

Please tell us a bit about Jake Stevens. Are there going to be sequels to the novel?

Jake Stevens is the main protagonist, a whip-smart CBI officer who in the process of solving a series of gruesome murders discovers a link that has ties to his long dead father. A link which is artfully coded with riddles and ciphers propels him on an unforgettable thrilling journey through labyrinth of ancient locations, hidden history and unseen truth, eventually leading him to uncovering an explosive prehistoric secret—the one that was not spoken on this planet for more than seven thousand years—a secret about our origin.
There will be definitely a sequel to this novel with Jake Steven returning to his best. So brace up for another thrilling journey through the world of the ancient and their unknown marvels.

You have written in a niche genre. How did you gravitate towards it?

I always wanted to write a high octane thriller-mystery novel—one that is based on hardcore facts that apart from keeping the readers completely engrossed would also educate them on instances that were excluded from the pages of history and also on things we barely even knew existed.

How did the idea of Arcanum crop up in your mind?

Questions on the roots of our origin have lingered in my mind since childhood. Who we are? Where do we come from? And what was the purpose of our existence? This turned into a relentless quest wherein through a process of extensive research I uncovered some many spine chilling facts revolving around the origin of humanity on planet earth that were hidden from us, expelled from common man’s knowledge for a reason. I found something of momentous worth that I wanted to share with every person on this planet. A shocking revelation.

Please tell our readers about the publishing process.

The publishing process of my book had been quite laborious. Post facing many rejections from traditional publishers, I took a self-publishing route that resulted in poor marketing, sales and zero visibility of my book. But fortunately, Invincible publishers based in Gurgaon stepped in at the right time and picked up my book, giving it the best and required exposure.

Have any of your characters haunted you well after you are done with the novel?

There are many characters that are life-like that conjure moments from my book so vivid and fascinating. But there is one specific character of an Aghori Naga Sadhu—a powerful and real personality I had met during my research andwho forms a very significant part of my book. He haunts me even to this day with his baritone voice, deep set eyes – with a gaze as sharp as the razor’s edge. He exuded a mysterious aura—one that was so bizarrely grotesque, yet so secretive and guarded from spilling anything about the world he said he came from—one that he insisted was different from our own in all aspects,ever harmonious, unreachable and infinite like the vast reaches of the cosmos.

What are your favourite novels from the science fiction/ fantasy genres? Some recommendations for our readers please.

I mostly read thriller-mysteries written by foreign authors. I love works by Steve Berry, Dan Brown, Tom Knox, James Rollins, Raymond Khoury. I believe these authors give us a deep insight into the lost world of our ancient predecessors, their marvels, and all that which made them far more superior to us than we think we are today.

About the Interviewee:

Based in Bangalore, Navin Reuben, a graduate in engineering, loves teaching when he is not penning down his novel. His keen interest to probe into the unknown realms of antiquity and uncover the hidden layers of untold mysteries has been the cornerstone for his first novel. In this book, he has endeavoured to bring humanity as close to the truth as possible about the roots of its origin. Also, he greatly believes that the line between science and religion is blurring at a pace so fast that the day is not far when science will lean strongly on our ancient sacred scriptures of the world. For it is there- the answers to all the mysteries of the world, unknown forces and unexplained marvelous structures of the past, which have been a conundrum to many genius minds, which lie buried and are accessible only if one knows how to read between the lines.