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Narendra Singh Garbyal

Narendra Singh Garbyal

Narendra Singh Garbyal

You are an engineer and entrepreneur; how did you discover this niche for writing?

Entrepreneurship is my way of life whereas writing is my passion – I started my journey of writing to express technological advancements in information engineering arena. Imagination has no boundaries; however, tech entrepreneurship may limit me to rationale boundaries but fiction writing is boundless. Though, I had been expressing my thoughts about: Life Philosophy, Healthcare and Information Technology Advancement into my blogs; But, I never thought I’d be an author until my wife inspired me to write one.

What do you have to say to nascent authors and entrepreneurs who perhaps would love to make the kind of choices like you made?

Make them. If the decisions you take come from a need to do them and not just a want, don’t overcomplicate the issue by constantly reevaluating and take the plunge! Most importantly, we’re all going to take some decision, one way or the other. The point is to own the position we put ourselves in due to the decisions we take. Once you’re there, even if it is for a short while, give it a 100% and you’ll realise that ‘short while’ will keep extending with each punch of passion filled adrenaline in you.

Is your book inspired by some real-life incidence?

Not exactly! It i’s purely fiction.. Although, few aspects of stories are loosely connected to people I met in the past. In my book, Hidden Cage; I have attempted to build an imaginary world, tying all the common threads of stories that I have heard in my grapevine talks with people in every sphere of my social life.

What inspired you to choose this topic for publishing a book?

Humm! That’s a good question. I think despite our free will, we are caged within our own desires – Genesis of invisible cage lies within our own social fundamentals. So, the inspiration behind the topic of the book stemmed from our capricious social progression. My book unfolds the virgin beauties of Himalayas, Insights of Genghis Khan, Corporate cannibalism, Social evil – Gang rape, and an emotional turmoil of a man; framing a journey of a successful businessman from his initial struggle to successful establishment and then to a painful end

What factors have contributed to shaping your philosophy regarding life?

Challenges in life, Meeting people of discrete interests, Reading Books, Compassion towards humanity, and Exploring the diverse geographies, climates and civilizations have predominantly shaped my philosophy regarding life. Circumstances, which evolved the philosophy of life, have broadened and deepened my understanding of the fundamentals of life.

Do you think a person should practice hedonism or detachment?

In the world of duality, complete detachment may not be an option at all and hedonism can’t be ignored in every sphere of life. I believe practicing detachment from fundamental darkness – Anger, Greed, Ego, Foolishness, etc. may help people in mastering their own domain; and hedonism to some extent in harmonizing social health. Striking the right balance between hedonism and detachment is the ultimate win over self and the path to real happiness.

Do you think everything in life is because of free will or destiny plays a role?

It’s all about karma. Everything in life is a manifestation of the universal law of cause and effect. Nonetheless, the role of destiny in life can’t be overlooked, but it can be changed through karma. Free will and destiny are the flipsides of the same coin – Individual perspective decides the terrain.

Do you feel that the quickly diminishing habit of reading could make a comeback and become a part of our culture in the future?

Books and reading are vital to the survival of any culture. Reading fiction is one of the most important things one can do. Of course, I’m biased because I’m an author. I spend most of my time making things up and writing them down. It is in my interest that people read fiction, that bookstores and libraries foster a love of reading.

About the Interviewee: Born in the lap of the holy and sacred Himalayas, Narendra Singh Garbyal represents the planet of adventure; He is a strong-willed, but intensely private personae. He is an engineer, entrepreneur, and a recognized talent for envisioning, developing and executing technology products and service strategies – to realize focus agenda by crystallizing concepts into a measurable business framework. An engineering graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi, Narendra is an established information architect and successful serial entrepreneur. He is effectively running multiple Companies in US and India. Married to his high school sweetheart and still going strong; he is a father of two amazing boys and lives in Noida (UP, India).