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Meenaxee Raj

Meenaxee Raj

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Meenaxee Raj

How often do you revise or rewrite your poetry?

I do correct my poems whenever I feel that certain lines, when arranged in a different way, would read better.

How do you manage to write in the middle of a packed schedule of a civil servant?

Writing comes effortlessly so not much time is invested in pondering. Moreover, civil services have rather only helped me by exposing me to the ironies of life at a young age. By introducing me to a range of difficulties and experiences faced by people and sometimes by me myself that well up and come out as poetry.

What inspired you to keep ‘Paighaam-e-Sukhan’ as the book title?

I chose this as the title for my book as the book reflects my emotions in the form of a poetic expression and every poem has a message to convey.

Please tell us a bit about ‘ Paighaam-e-Sukhan ‘ and future Urdu literary endeavours.

Paigham-e-Sukhan is my maiden work of Urdu poetry , a collection of 77 poems on various subjects like love, hope, irony, sarcasm and judiciary etc which was released on World Poetry Day, 21 March, 2017 by Hon’ble Mr Justice Anil R Dave, former judge, Supreme Court of India, at the Haryana Raj Bhawan. It happened when my companion Nitin Raj insisted that I published my poetry, since I have been writing for quite a long time.

Why do you feel shy to share the poetry of the early days? Don’t you think it could encourage the budding poets of today?

“I am still young enough to inspire the budding poets, I think! I feel shy to share the poetry of early days owing to the only fact that they all revolved around adolescent romance and conundrums of growing up.

What made you resign from judiciary and join the Civil Services?

I wanted to serve at a level where I could still control the growing need of the matter, for an administrative inaction. And as a judge, I felt that I sat on that side of the table which enabled me to rescue the harassed citizen only when denied help by the administration and the state. I cannot stop it everywhere but can make sure to reduce it wherever I work.

Who are your favourite Shayars/Urdu Writers?

Mirza Ghalib , Daagh Dehlvi , Qateel Shifai, John Eliya, Ahmed Faraz, Faiz ,Bashir Badr to name a few.

How can we inspire more youngsters to learn Urdu and perhaps develop a passion for Urdu poetry?

One way of encouraging the young Urdu poets would be that established Urdu poets must accept the writings of younger ones as they are. The technicalities of behr, tarz etc must not be posed as a prerequisite for budding poets to read write and learn Urdu. One word of appreciation from seniors can give an immense boost to young people.

Please share your favourite Urdu Shayari which you often recite or quote.
My favourite Urdu shayari by Mirza Ghalib :
Jala hai jism to dil bhi jal Gaya hoga
Kuredte ho raakh justajoo kya hai…


About the Interviewee:

About the Interviewee: Meenaxee Raj is an HCS (Haryana Civil Services) officer currently posted as Deputy Secretary to Haryana Governor and she has worked as a judicial officer in Haryana. Her maiden book titled Paigham-e-Sukhan means message by way of poetic expression. The book has about 77 poems enveloping various themes like love, irony, optimism, hope, justice and nature.