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L S Bajpai

L S Bajpai

L S Bajpai

You have been the flagbearer of Hindi Commentry and Poetry in India for a long time. When did you write your first poem and how old were you then?

Please tell us about your time in AIR.

I was a student of 9th class when I wrote my first poem in the language Hindi inspired by an agitation for Hindi.

I joined AIR in 1980 as Prog. Executive & retired as Deputy Director General in 2015. Broadcasting was a mission for me. I was associated with launch of National channel of AIR & FM Gold channel of AIR. Many young talents that I gave a chance in Radio are now celebrities in various fields. It has been a great journey.

Do you feel that Hindi poetry has got the attention and accolades that it deserves?

Hindi poetry is not getting due attention in masses. While poetry published in literary magazines is limited to very few readers, the Kavi sammelans which take poetry to masses have gone in the wrong hands where serious and genuine poetry reading is almost impossible. In the name of humour and satire, jokes are in abundance. Treating Lyrical poetry as second grade by certain critics has also done a great damage in cutting off poetry from the masses.

The youth is writing more in English. How does that make you feel?

Writing poems in English by youth is as welcome as in Hindi. Poetry is poetry. Every language is important. Writing poetry is in itself very important because it preserves human sensitivities and this is vital in this era of insensitivity and hatred and violence.

What is your opinion on Open Mics happening across the country? Do you feel that this could change the perception towards Hindi Poetry or Poetry in general?

Literary organisations and literary festivals in different cities is a very positive development. Open mics provide an opportunity to many young amateur and talented poets to share their poems. Various joint collections of poems are also a welcome phenomenon. More and more poets, more and more poetry… means a sensitive & humane society.

How do you think Valley of Words : International Lit and  Arts Fest 2017 could promote and encourage Poetry in the valley?

The festival is not only a literary festival but also an occasion to ignite the spirit of society and nation by discussing a range of social and cultural issues. It promises to be a milestone in creating new ideas and a positive interference of literature, intellectual activism on politics and the system.

Does Uttarakhand have the potential of becoming the hub for Poetry in the future? Please tell us more about your role in the upcoming festival.

Uttarakhand has given many famous poets, writers, journalists, media personalities, intellectuals to the country and they have made a significant contribution to literature & culture etc. Uttarakhand has a great potential to produce more and more creative personalities. People from various states come to Uttarakhand to seek spiritual solace from this great Devbhoomi.

About the Interviewee:

LS Bajpai is a well respected, and widely travelled Hindi poet, who was till recently the head of AIR, New Delhi.