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Keshav Aneel_The One From The Stars

Keshav Aneel_The One From The Stars

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Keshav Aneel_The One From The Stars

How does a writer keep the content and writing contemporary and also find a niche?

Observation, I believe, is the most important tool to keep your writing relevant among the present generation of readers. You got to have an idea about what sort of lifestyle they are leading, which emotion is missing the most or overwhelmingly experienced by them.

Please share with us your journey as a writer till now.

It has been an extremely gratifying two years. To be honest, I had never thought that I would receive so much love and respect from the readers. I started as another dreamer who wanted his books to be read, but I must say readers have been very kind!

Your characters are extremely relatable! Is it easier for you to write them being a Millenial yourself?

The simple rule of making an art work is to design it in such a way that people are able to relate to it. If you haven’t done so, your very attempt of making something of mass appeal has failed. In that case, your audience remains quite limited and your work does not end up bringing positive change in anyone’s life.

Also, I won’t say being a millennial myself makes it easier for me to write for my contemporaries. The important thing is to be aware of some simple rules of getting heard and implementing those in your work.

What are your favourite reads of all time?

Bhagavad Gita is my all-time favourite book. No other piece of literature can hold that sort of importance for me as this one does. It is an astonishing piece of life changing lessons. It transforms you as an individual and makes you a mature human being.

Your book gives a very loud and clear social message which is quite relevant. Was it a conscious effort to deal with such issues?

Your responsibility as an artist is also to continuously contribute towards the betterment of your society. Yes, it was a conscious effort in that direction that I chose to make.

What are your favourite feedbacks from readers for ‘The One from the Stars’?

There are many to be honest, but one that stood out for me was, which came from many people in the form of a question, “Is this a true story? We cannot imagine that this is real! We felt empathy for the characters.”

How has the literary progression been from your first novel to this one?

Literary progression for me has been quite remarkable! Readers want to read more of my work, thankfully! They keep asking me about upcoming projects which I might be working upon. Every day the number of messages I receive proves to me that my work is being read widely. However, there is a long way to go! This, I am sure, is just the beginning!

Not to forget, Jayantakumar Bose and Arup Bose Sir have been supportive in all possible ways. There hasn’t been a day they said ‘NO’ to anything that I proposed or brainstormed. Both of them are very special for me. Having said that, I shall always be grateful to Srishti Publishers for their support and faith.



About the Interviewee:Keshav Aneel is a young bestselling author who stepped into the world of books with the love story Promise Me a Million Times (2016). The book won accolades for its philosophical writing style and the way relationships were explored at various levels through the story.

Right from his teenage days, Keshav was clear about his passion for writing, and has been an active theatre artist and a playwright since then. Although an MBA by qualification, he decided to follow his heart and chase after his goal, choosing his inner calling over the corporate world. He is also a University Gold Medalist in Parliamentary Debate, and has been on national stage thrice. Not to forget, he has formerly worked as a teacher of Digital Marketing and Economics, and loves interacting with people through this particular medium as well.

In his free time, Keshav travels extensively on his own, as that, he believes, helps him in self-discovery. His hobbies include playing cricket and football, and he loves reading autobiographical books and watching movies in his spare time.