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Juliet Reynolds

Juliet Reynolds

Juliet Reynolds

What is your perspective about Dehradun? What keeps you connected to this city?

Dehradun being a beautiful city serves as a tranquil location to be able to peacefully dwell on life in and also write about it. I am here because I like to write here and also as it allows me to peacefully to do so. This is that one special thing which keeps me connected to the very place.

Please tell us a bit about your book interestingly titled, ‘Finding Neema’?

My book throws light on how my husband and I, who, never wanted to have a child in the first place, were subsequently destined to adopt an exceptional child as he was later diagnosed to be autistic. It is basically a memoir of the special life of our special child along with instances faced by my late husband and I. It is purely an autobiographical account highlighting the tiniest of details about our life.

How, according to you, are art and literature associated with each other?

I feel that both Art and Literature are deeply interlinked with each other. And every movement in either of the two is instrumental in stirring some activeness in several other fields. And the fact that both are an expression of human thoughts is what keeps the both of them interlinked.

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming Art and Literature Festival?

The fact that it is not just a Literature festival alone makes it very interesting. As an amalgamation of Art and Literature could do wonders. I am hoping for it to be a lively event as it would involve numerous people from different disciplines with immense knowledge. And my interest in the festival had been pushed a notch higher since I was informed about the special emphasis on Hindi Literature and poetry in the festival.

About the Interviewee:

Juliet Reynolds is an author, an art critic and an autism activist. She is well known for her innate quality of being able to don several hats. Nevertheless, she wears them with considerable ease as all her pursuits have evolved over the years through her experiences of living a rather unusual life of a woman of Irish-English descent in India.