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Dr S Farooq

Dr S Farooq

Dr S Farooq

The first edition of Valley of Words was a huge success? What were your favourite moments from the festival?

Well, the festival was a great success – both in terms of the number of footfalls and the interest of the audience . I know that in the Urdu sessions, the audience was so enthralled that they wanted more time ! Syeda Hamid had chaired one session, and as you are aware, she is so elegant, versalite and erudite . Yours truly also got a chance to savour some very fine poerty

How can we improve upon the immensely popular and well attended Urdu Sessions?

In my view people are interested in listening Urdu Poetry, Ghazals and Qawallies. But ebefoe th start of a sessin, we could have a short discussion on Urdu sp that the participants can ‘sink’into the flavor of the session.

Who are your favourite Shayars/Urdu Writers?

Apart from the legends like Meer, Ghalib, Iqbal and in the second generation Shamim Jaipuri, Kishan Behari ‘Noo’, Kr. Mahender Singh Bedi, Bashir Badar were great poets.

In the present time Manzar Bhopali, Munnawar Rana are my favourites. I am so glad that he was felicitated by the Valley of Words Book Award in Hindi Non-Fiction Category for his book Meer Aake Laut Gaya.

Tell us a bit about your literary endeavors.

I have penned a biography of my father, whom I fondly remember as Abba Jaani in Urdu titled ‘Aap Yaad Aaten Hain’, which has a vivid account of my childhood days and our family house at Nayanagar in Dehradun.

You have achieved so much in life, so many people look up to you for inspiration, how do you maintain the humility?

I have inherited benevolence from my father and passion for helping people by virtue of my profession. What matters to me is the person who has come to meet me and how I can be of help to him.

Do you think Urdu has got enough representation at various platforms across the country?

Experiencing is believing.

Rich Urdu literature has its own charm. Golden era of film songs from forties to eighties can not be forgotten not only in India but across the world people still cherish songs of R.K. films. Even the new generation performing and enjoying the old songs having meaningful Urdu poetry.

Please share your favourite Urdu Shayari which you often recite or quote.

My favourite Urdu couplets are mostly of simple Urdu and published regularly by Tasmia All India Educational and Social Welfare Society since 2002. The changes needed are quality printing magazines coverage of all aspects of literature and news.

About the Interviewee:

Dr S Farooq did his schooling from Cambrian Hall and later at St. Thomas College, Dehradun. Dr S Farooq is the only D.Sc. since the inception of HNB Garhwal university and has presented above 500 papers in National and International journals and has given many lectures. Besides being a guide to his students doing higher studies in Phytochemistry he is also the President of The Himalaya Drug Company whose Head Office in Bangalore and was founded in Dehradun. He is as conspicuous by his presence in Mushairas and other cultural events as in high level conferences, seminars and enclaves. He is an excellent orator, a passionate lover of Urdu poetry, a vibrant horse rider, a successful industrialist, a keen social activist and a great socialite. His tastes for fine arts also are multidimensional.