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Devanshi Sharma

Devanshi Sharma

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Devanshi Sharma

The romance genre has been explored quite a lot in our country. How does one keep the content and writing contemporary and also find a niche in the genre?

That’s a very interesting question and a topic to think about—I agree that we have too many people sharing love stories but you know how each one of them is different from another? Let’s see it in the context of love in real life. In life, every love story might relate to another, but every single time you fall in love, the feelings, the emotions and the spark is new. That spark is the reason that no matter how many love stories exist, each one is beautiful in its own self!

And of course, narration plays an extremely important role. Experimenting with narrative styles is something that helps keep the novelty of every story that I write!

Please share with us your journey as a writer till now.

It’s been a long journey, but it looks really short. So, I started writing my first novel, Unimaginably True, when I was in the 9thstandard. The way how I started was funny—Dad and I had gifted a laptop to mum on her birthday and like a lot of other gifts, this gift too was for myself as much as it was for mumma. I was fiddling with it at night and was trying to explore the applications. And since, I wasn’t as tech-savy as I am today, I just knew how to use Microsoft Word, so I started writing.

But, then while I was trying to sleep, I started thinking about the characters in the novel and I thought, ‘maybe, another page could be added’. Next morning, I added that page. This process of thinking a night before and writing it the next day was something I fell in love with when I was 14. I knew exactly what I wanted to become in life then!

After that came First Love Lasts Forever, and then, the book that has given me the presence in the literary circle—No Matter What I Do. The love, respect and reviews I received for No Matter made me much more responsible as an author. Imperfect Misfits is my newest kid. I am more than elated that the book got into two consecutive Amazon Best Reads. It’s all the love of my readers!

Your characters are extremely new age! Is it easier for you to write about them?

Just like the French philosopher, Althusser mentioned that humans are a result of their environment, I believe that characters are born out of thoughts and thoughts are born from the environment. So, we might not classify them as new or old age, but yes, I draft characters from what I find around!

What are your favourite reads of all time?

Ruskin Bond is one of my favourite writers and to meet him is a dream. His books are close to my heart. Apart from that, Custody by ManjuKapoor, Beloved by Toni Morrison, and Othello by Shakespeare are some of my favourite books.

Do we need more writers to experiment with the romance genre?

Experiment can never be confined to numbers.So till the time each love story has a new spark, why not?

What are your favourite feedbacks from readers for ‘Imperfect Misfits’?

Each feedback, regardless of the fact whether good or bad is close to my heart. However, if I had to choose one, it was from a girl who mentioned how beautifully she had fallen in love with the character of Aakaash. The review stated, ‘I love him because he isn’t a hero, he is someone who I can relate to and wish to have in my life. He is not portrayed as a superhero anywhere, but someone who makes mistakes and then wants to resolve them. I just love him.’

Yes, Aakaash is till now, my favourite character too, so I could relate to what my reader had to say!

About the Interviewee:

Devanshi Sharma is a young and dynamic author with three books to her credit, the latest being the hot-selling No Matter What I Do.